The Irony Of Life


“It’s funny how hello always ends in goodbye,good memories make you cry,forever never seems to last,friends leave when you are down,when you need someone they are never around,people change and think they are better, lies can be packed in one ‘love letter’,people forgive but cannot forget, one night can contain so much regret,above all,it is funny how ironic life turns out to be”


…think about that rich kid who does not see the need to work because he or she is assured of an inheritance and in the same breathe,think of that poor kid who wakes up in the wee hours of the morning to make ends meet and yet his or her future is not as certain…
Someone with a high-end vehicle,cruising on the highway yet is full of complaints,from the traffic to the pedestrians to his/her car.On the other hand,one walks down the road, exposed to the elements of weather but is very happy and content,whistling all the way…
An average family easily gives to those in need as opposed to the upper class families where giving is an uphill task…
One has a job earning him ksh 50,000 or more,yet he or she still complains about the terms when someone somewhere is not earning a single cent a day.

So much to say about this but guess what,it did not start in the 21st century.Let’s look at a few examples from the Bible:
The Parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10 from verse 25 highlights a priest and a Levite pass by a man left for dead by robbers,instead a Samaritan helps him out.

Jesus Himself is rejected in His hometown as seen in Matthew 13:53-57.

In the Old Testament,Abraham and Sarah are blessed with a child in their old age as seen in Gen 18:10-15.

Back in the day,irony existed.It’s not new.

The corporate world,particularly Marketing and Advertisement use irony.
Simon Sinek once quoted, “The irony is,the advertising industry knows everyone hates what they produce.This is why they keep looking for new ways to force people to stay tuned”

I concur with him in light of the following examples:
Coca-Cola is an aggressive brand.Since I was a child I have always been warned about this drink as a result of very high sugar levels contained, I know you have as well,right?… Look at the ever changing adverts,one just wants to go grab a Coke and ‘taste the feeling‘.Who doesn’t want to be associated with such a brand??… Ironic!

Days on end people complain about Safaricom and bundles to a point of branding them ‘thieves’ but we have that line at least if not for calls and texts, it is used for monetary transactions(M-Pesa)!Their adverts literally steal 3 minutes of your day,so captivating and emotionally moving.Makes one want to scream ‘Niko na Safaricom!’Powerful brand why lie!!!…Very Ironic

Tusker Lite… “Vivian,did you just mention that?” Hahaha,yes I did,but please don’t get me wrong,I don’t drink,never have and am not advocating for anyone to do so,but the advert caught my attention and still does! The neon green background,the energy exhuded,the voice over! My goodness,bizarre energy right there!… ‘Light the way!(I almost went out to get one for the road!!!!) Lolest!!!…Extremely Ironic

Paul the Apostle admitted to the fact that whatever he wanted to do he did not, but instead did what he did not want to do.What Paul always did was subscribe to Christ and His will and I will conclude at this point.
Whatever, wherever,whenever, however… should be guided by Christ.Yes,life is full of ironies,but we have God who will help us wade through this mucky,ironic waters.Subscribe to Him as Paul always did and be the person you would love someone else to be toward you!! Let love be your main focus from day to day.





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