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“At the cross at the cross,where I first saw the light and the burden of my heart rolled away,it was there by faith,I recieved my sight and now …” Sounds familiar?

I must confess,I am not so good at memorising hymns…but this particular one,ministers to my heart…it helps me reflect on…

Amazing Grace,His Love for sinful humanity,His sacrifice…it reminds me of my past that was nailed on that cross,which means I do not have to live in condemnation.

Si angejitetea?Wale ambao alisaidia na kufufua na kulisha walikuwa wapi?…Hakusema lolote!

He went about doing good,opposition He faced,never ceasing to uphold what was righteous and good…Raised the dead,mingled with the less likely…am still amazed by the fact that…He never said a word.

He asked the Father to take the cup away from Him and despite the heaviness and anguish he was going through,He managed to say, “…yet not my will but Yours be done” He requested the disciples to keep watch and pray but instead slept off leaving Him all alone yet that was the moment He needed them most.They deserted Him…Have you experienced such desertion by those you least expect?…Are you in that phase at this moment?…Guess what…

He knows how it feels to be rejected,to be despised,betrayed,heartbroken,overwhelmed…he understands pain.Those Christ helped,turned their backs on Him…Imagine the disappointment and disillusionment… This is what Jesus went through…He knows it all,He understands and has been there!

“See what manner of love the Father has lavished on us that we should be called the children of God” 1 John 3:1

He loved us too much,that our sinfulness could not stop Him.While we were yet sinners Christ died for us!! Oh what love!!!!…Would you risk your life for your brother…your friend…your family?…Would you?…See how Amazing His grace was and still is toward us…

He did the impossible,reached the unreachable,broke our chains,set free the captives,carried our pains,bore our sorrows…Overcame death,Hell and the Grave! This is Jesus,the King,the Messiah…Our Lord!!! Halleluyah!!!

Was talking to a friend of mine last week and what struck me most during our discussion was when she said, “By the way,Mimi hukosea God sana na bado yeye huwa tu mfaithful kwangu”(I always wrong God but He is always faithful to me)…This is the nature of Christ…Compassionate,gracious,slow to anger and abounding in love.If He were to keep a record of our wrongs,where would we be?…Instead He cast them as far as the East is from the West! Isn’t this worth our worship?!

Joshua Harris states,

“The world takes us to the silver screen on which flickering images of passion and romance play,and as we watch,the world says, ‘This is love.’God takes us to the foot of a tree on which a naked and bloodied man hangs and says This is Love.”

The cross is not just a sculpure,or an ornament,or a picture…It is the Epitome of Love,the beginning of eternity.

So everytime you and I sing hymns about the cross,let us reflect on such…think about where you and I would have been if it were not for the Christ dying on the cross…His love for us is indeed devoted like a ring of solid gold! Amazing!!

It is said that Kenya entails 80% Christians…This is quite a number for a country don’t you think so? You have a responsibility to demonstrate the God-kind of love…Love that knows no tribe,race or status…a love that will see Kenya move to the next level even as we approach the crucial year.If you and I love this country then we shall do whatever it takes to maintain peace and sanity starting now.

Let me conclude with the words of a writer I really love called C.S Lewis:

“God who needs nothing,loves into existence wholly superfluous creatures in order that He may love and perfect them.He creates the universe already foreseeing(or should we say ‘seeing?’) the cloud of flies about the cross,the flayed back pressed against the uneven stake,the nails driven through the mesial nerves,the repeated incipient suffocation as body droops,the repeated torture of back and arms as it is time after time,for breath’s sake,hitched up.If I may dare the biological image,God is a ‘host’ who deliberately creates His own parasites;causes us to be that we may exploit and ‘take advantage’ of Him.Herein is love.This is the diagram of Love Himself,the inventor of all loves.”





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