Loyalty In Black & White

They say, “Blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family”

What comes to mind when you see the word, loyalty…I think about a dog!…They make amazing loyal friends don’t you think?😊

Man’s best friend

So many songs have been written with this subject in mind both in the gospel and secular scenes…allow me to mention a song by Chris Brown…(I see that face cringe!…Ha Ha!) an international artist,referred to as Loyal.This song aroused my curiosity and so I decided to Google the lyrics.I must confess,the words are quite vulgar but a few lines stood out for me…He sings, “why give a girl your heart when she would rather have a purse?”…He goes on to sing, “you are all about her but she is all about hers”…The wealthy,with a business empire,cruising in the latest cars, clad in the latest designer wear have more traction(the sponsor phenomenon)…Ladies would rather go for such ‘ready made’ men than ‘raw’ materials.The boyfriend on the other hand is ‘breaking’ his back trying to make her happy…SAD.
I have encountered friends and friends of friends who have come crying that either their boyfriend or girlfriend; husband or wife has left them for someone else because of one thing or the other. Superficialitygreedlustenvy…have rendered years of investment null and void!…

I came across a quote I thought was very profound, ” Loyalty means,I am down with you,whether you are wrong or right but I will tell you when you are wrong and help you get it right”…Identifying the wrong and helping each other get it right is what loyalty is about.Do not run away from adversity… Stay true.Are you married?…stay there and fight for your marriage…you have invested so much time and money to throw it out of the window!The Word of God only allows divorce on grounds of unfaithfulness and other than persistent violence that should make one run for dear life,all the other issues are ‘solvable’ for lack of a better word.Loyalty will make you hang in there…William Shakespeare an amazing poet and writer once stated, “Love is not love which alters when alteration finds;or bends with the remover to remove;O no! It is an ever-fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken”… This is love!Can you love without loyalty?…Not at all,infact absolutely no!…The two go hand in hand.

Loyalty and love go hand in hand

Let’s look at an example of loyalty from the Bible.The book of Ruth highlights Naomi and Ruth, Naomi being,Ruth’s mother-in-law.In Chapter 1 we are told that Naomis’ husband and two sons passed on and she therefore decided to set out to the Land of Judah,from Moab.With all this planned out,she did not want to go with her daughters-in-law.See what she said, “Turn back my daughter’s,why will you go with me?…for I am too old to have a husband…even if I have a husband this night and should bear sons,would you therefore wait till they are grown?”…The typical thing to do would be to tell yourself, “Enyewe,Hapa hakuna hope wacha tutafte kwingine(there is no hope here,let’s look elsewhere)” as Orpah did.She turned back.Ruth on the other hand clung to Naomi and even after much convincing Ruth said, “Do not urge me to leave you or return from following you. For where you go,I will go and where you Lodge,I will Lodge.Your people shall be my people and my God,your God.Where you die,I will die and there I will be buried.May the Lord do so to me and more also if anything but death parts me from you.”(Ruth 1:11-13 & 16,17)… Such strong and binding words!…Loyalty at its’ peak!…
Does the above ring bell?… ‘Till death do us part’

At the end of the day Ruth did meet her husband Boaz.Her loyalty towards Naomi did pay!

Those wedding vows made on the altar are not just ceremonial,they are to be kept in all ernest.They are binding.According to Pat Riley, “There are only two options regarding commitment;you are either in or out.There is no such thing as life in-between”…You cannot chase two rabbits at the same time,you will lose both!

On the flip-side of loyalty,are back-stabbers who look so innocent and ‘for you’ until you realise that they were/are actually two-faced!…They were/are never loyal towards you…they were/are hypocritical friends.

How can you know your real friends?… You cannot know them simply because your judgement is subjective and blurred as a result of the love you have for them.

…regarding commitment you are either in or out;there is nothing like life in-between

On the other hand,God put in each of us instincts that can be of great help when it comes to such crucial issues(There is nothing as painful as a best friend whom you trusted and believed in,betraying you!…It’s like a knife-stab through the heart!…Painful!!)This brings me to another very interesting quote… “I sit back and observe every person in my life,whether we talk everyday or not.I know who motivates me and keeps it 100.I also know who talks about me and smiles in my face.I know who I can trust and who I need to keep a distance with.Whether I say anything,I let you be fake.I know.”


 Timothy also stated how in our faithless state,Christ remains faithful because He cannot deny Himself(2 Timothy 2:13)

Loyalty is also clearly seen in the business world.Billions of shillings are invested in customer loyalty programs. This is how important this is.It is the loyal customers,who stand by you when everyone else caves in and runs to competition.It is a business/brand that is loyal to customers, that stands the test of time!… Safaricom Ltd comes to mind so strongly. I mean,this service provider is so customer-centric,one can easily feel like the boss(just saying). We have vowed to ditch it and move to competition but we still have the Safaricom line!…Lol!Their loyalty has made us so loyal bila(without) choice.Storo bonus is one of their customer loyalty programs I totally love!…Yes,we spend so much here and there but at the end of the day they reward you!…Thought about all that Safaricom does yesterday and my bitterness towards the brand vanished!…

Was hanging out with a couple of friends last week and one of them had their internet disconnected before due day!…Being someone whose work entails being online and all that, he was basically ‘paralysed’ in terms of work. According to Access Development, a research company, 79% of customers would take their business to competition within a week of experiencing poor customer service,while the estimated cost of customers switching their choice of business due to poor service is $1.6trillion!…Such a huge price to pay for abuse of loyalty!…

You can only find Favour and good success in the sight of God and man when you write love and faithfulness on the tablet of your heart as Proverbs 3:3-4 says, “Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you bind them around your neck,write them on the tablet of your heart,so you will find Favour and good success in the sight of God and man”

Closer home,we are fast approaching elections. This is a season where our loyalty towards this beloved country is tested!… Choose wisely, live peacefully and love beyond the borders of your tribe,race,religion or social class.

Maina,Atieno,Wafula,Kipchirchir,Ole Maasai,Rashid and many more form what we call Kenya. Let us not divide ourselves along tribal lines,kill each other and burn each other’s homes because of the politicians who are enemies in the public eye and friends behind the scenes!…Be wise and be warned my friends! Choose wisely but above all stay true to your country!

We are family;One Kenya,One People

I conclude with the following words by an unknown author,

“Trust is earned,respect is given and loyalty is demonstrated.Betrayal of any of those is to lose all the three


Have an amazing week!


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