“I want it all…”

A new day…a new dawn!Diaries… Phone books…journals… Emails… form part of a typical day.You wake up very early all syked up for the day…plans well laid out…You cannot wait to step out!Smartly dressed,composed and full of vigour,you step out…oh your car keys… You head back for them and off you go!

Traffic is heavy along the highway, no room to manoeuvre your way to destination. It’s bumper to bumper. You get impatient and irritation sets in.You hoot tirelessly as you cuss fellow motorists (is it their fault?)… Traffic lights go Green and you wrecklessly speed off,not minding fellow motorists. The more you hoot,the more the vehicles get in your way!

Bumper to Bumper

Frustrated by your ‘unrewarding’ efforts to get to work, you storm out of your car after a screeching brake,quite literally the rubber meets the road.Your anger has gotten the best of you…you are not yourself… you feel like the world is against you and your well planned out day. “These motorists have been sent from hell to ruin my day,enemies of progress!,”You think to yourself.Already an hour late for a very important stakeholders meeting…you are out of your car and on the case of every motorist ahead of you…

Screeeeech!…Kabooooom!…Shatter!…The world is spinning…you can taste the blood in your mouth…a strong disconnect is felt between your body and the tarmac you are lying helplessly on…you are in a trance…you cannot comprehend what is happening around you…Wee woo…wee woo…ambulance sirens are heard from a distance but you cannot quite figure everything out at this point…slowly but surely your eyes lose strength and…Darkness!!…

Next time you gain consciousness, you do not see a boardroom and board members…all that is surrounding you is your family all ‘mashy-feely’,tubes all over,drip fixed on your hand… You panic and try to move but Alas!…You just can’t! From your waist down you cannot feel yourself, you are paralysed!…You try to recall how you got here, but the scenes are too faint…all you can recall is the moment you stormed out of your car…

“Why me?!” You scream at the top of your voice,tears streaming down your face.Your family tries to comfort you but to no avail…The last thing you want to hear is ‘you will never walk again.’ What about your family…car…your job?!…What is life if you cannot do what you love most?… “Who is God if he cannot get me to accomplish my goals?,”you think.This is the opportune time to show God how bitter and resentful you are towards Him….It is a moment for you to forget what God has done from ages past…The beginning of the end of your relationship with God…an ugly start to a second chance at life.

Flip side of all this…worship God for sustaining your life.You might have lost your job and the ability to move BUT you have life!…It might not be easy to accept and move on,but you do not have a choice,you need to trust God to help you pick up the pieces and open a new page,start a new chapter.As long as you have life,you have hope and so thank Him!Look at the glass half full friends.

What do you notice from the above narration?…I see a relentless God…I see a jealous God… I see a God who cannot be fooled!Isaiah 42:8 says, “I am the Lord,that is my name!I will not give my glory to another or my Praise to idols!”

He said it!He does not share His glory with anyone or anything!Chances of being absorbed in your schedules, your plans,your Job Description,your career e.t.c are very high.We live in a fast world… We tend to move fast and leave God out of the picture.

Let’s flash back a little shall we? If the above character in the narration chose to be patient enough to wait in traffic,consider other motorists and just listen to wholesome music in the car…then all that happened would not have happened. In the silence there is a voice that cries out…if only the character listened and told him/herself that all things work together for good to those who love him and are called according to his purpose(Romans 8:28)…God saw it but he/she was so consumed in his/her plans.

Isaiah 46:10 says, “I make known the end from the beginning,from ancient times,what is still to come.I say:My purpose will stand and I will do all that I please” Yafesi Musoke on a radio show I really love said, “God steps in and puts you back”… He always has His way of bringing you back.Listen to His silent,yet very loud voice saying,

Love me with your whole heart,serve me with your whole life,bow down and let go of your idols,because I want it all today.(Forever Jones)

Yes,you have your daily plans…why don’t you invite Him in?Joyce Meyer always says that before she puts her feet on the ground every morning,she always invites God into her day because ‘she can be quite messy’.

I give myself away…

Life is never about you or me.It is always about Him.It is,for lack of a better word, ‘narcissistic’ to think that the world revolves around us, because the truth of the matter is,it does not!…Ouch!Life is a stage with One main character,God.In Him we live,move and have our being(Acts 17:28).He is the object of our existence,we are but subjects.He has our days planned out already before we plan them out.Subscribe to His Sovereign will,that is the only sure way to stay safe in this fast life.

Subscribe to His will

He allows certain things to happen not because He does not love us,but because He is Sovereign. His purpose stands and He does what He pleases (Isaiah 46:10b).Remember 1 Corinthians 10:31 points us to the fact that in everything we do,be it eating, drinking…we should do it for His glory!

My prayer for us today and in the days to come is that,in our day to day lives,let us make God our focal point.Remember, He does not share His glory.

I end with a quote from King David,from the book of Psalms 139:7-10, “Where can I go from your Spirit?Where can I flee from your Presence?If I go up to the heavens,you are there; If I make my bed in the depths,you are there.If I rise on the wings of the dawn,if I settle on the far side of the sea,even there your hand will guide me,your right hand will hold me fast.”

Remember to submit to His will each and every single day!

This write-up was inspired by:Chan,Francis. (2008).Crazy Love:Overwhelmed By a Relentless God.


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