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Starting All Over Again

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Today’s write-up was inspired by a friend who had to start-all-over-again.My prayer for you is that,it ministers to your heart during your season of transition and starting-all-over-again.

I saw The Light,I saw The Light shining through my darkest night,my darkest night…my darkest night brew a fight between darkness and light.That Light I saw…that Light…

Come as you are”… Beckoned The Light…but I am as good as the night.Arms open wide to receive,they insist but all I do is resist, I desist…

In the world but not of it?…Of the world but not in it?…Which is which?…I find myself confused and in the midst of pull-push forces, all I can do is count my loses…One…two…three…I hear you died on a tree to set me free… Set me free?…

I knew you would find your way into my life so ‘peaceful’ and wreck havock…You have left me abased and altogether dazed…You-have-left-me…I knew it!…so disdainful.

“I will never leave you nor forsake you”…Is that you?… Never leave me you say?…Lemmi fill you in…my friends left me,all they did was nothing but judge me,my family bailed out on me because I was ‘not-just-me’.My significant other could not stomach all this…I lost everything I held dear… Left in the cold,all I did was fold.

Never leave nor forsake me you say?…Am desperate to know what this solemn promise is about.Open up I pray before I take a bow scream and shout…This is too much for me,I hope you understand.I would rather bury my head in the sand.

Handed to me by life are lemons,couldn’t make lemonade and so I have gone astray,I do not know what to believe or deny.Speak to me,change me,assure me that in the midst of my starting-all-over-again,I have nothing to lose but more to gain…

“I knew you before you were born and set you apart and so you and I can never part.See,my life I lay down for you and no man has Greater love than this.Guess what my child,while you were a sinner I died for you…I would have found something better to do but you were My priority,treated you as My necessity”…

I hear you but I am afraid,afraid of being set aside.I-am-afraid…afraid of starting-all-over-again…looking back all I see and feel is pain….You sound so perfect,are you an illusion?Please don’t leave me in disillusion…

“Listen my child,perfect love Casts out fear and guess what,when you call on me I am near.I am Perfection and I am love.Through your season of starting-all-over-again, I am with you to the very end.Remember this my child,before you I set life and death,blessings and curses.Love Me,listen to My Voice and hold fast to Me…My child the choice is yours.”

Be encouraged,He is with you through the seasons of life!

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A Christian,passionate about the lost. I value simplicity and embrace humility.Writing is my forte.On a mission to Illuminate,Inspire and Impact the world for Christ.

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