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…now Joseph was well-built and handsome and after a while his masters’ wife took notice of Joseph and said, “Come to bed with me!” but he refused, “With me in charge,” he told her,and my master does not concern himself with anything in the house,everything he owns he has entrusted to my care…my master has withheld nothing from me except you because you are his wife.How then could I do such a wicked thing and sin against my God?and though she spoke to Joseph day after day he refused to go to bed with her or even to be with her.” (Genesis 39:6-10,NIV)

…but Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself in this way… (Daniel 1:8,NIV)

Jesus was led by the Spirit to be tempted by the Devil.After fasting for forty days and forty nights he was hungry.The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God,turn these stones to bread…throw yourself and the angels…bow down and worship me and…”… all along Jesus responded by saying, ” It is written…” (Matthew 4:1-11,NIV paraphrased)

From the above examples from scripture what do you think is the common denominator?…Going once…going twice…

IDENTITY is the common denominator!…That’s right!


Johnson Mwakazi,a renown media personality and an amazing voice-overist for lack of a better word,in a certain annual convention asked a very thought-provoking question on identity.He asked, “Can you,like Job after all he went through,still stand up and call yourself Job?”… Is your identity hanging on the balance such that when the storms of life rage,it is washed away?…Where is your identity pegged?…

Is it in your family,your car,your money,career,wife or beer(oh no did I mention beer?…yes I did),your girlfriend or boyfriend?…Where is your identity pegged?

Allow me to be very candid about my identity today.It has been a loooooong…looooong…journey!Infact am still travelling!Haha!…Anyway,two years back my mentor provoked me to translate who I was in writing to my person,meaning I was a two in one kind of person(Two totally different people in that respect).I cannot say I have succeeded fully in reconciling the two but I can boldly confess that I am not who I was back in 2015,not because I can write my heart out…ah ah…but because I am A CHILD OF GOD.I finally found my identity in Jesus Christ!…I am on this journey more confident and assured of His glorious presence.(Can you relate?)

Enough about me now let’s get back to our study this week.I began with three powerful scriptures of individuals who knew who they were…

  1. Joseph-Could not get himself to sin against God as well as Potiphar,his master!He did not sell himself short at the expense of his relationship with God.Wow!
  2. Daniel-My goodness,despite the pressure all around him,he chose not to defile himself with the royal food and wine.His relationship with God defined his identity!
  3. Jesus Christ our perfect example went against the grain!He was hungry but could not turn stone to bread.He did not cave in because His identity was drawn from The Word(It is written…)He had a mission bigger than Himself!

There is a danger,when it comes to pegging your identity on earthly gains/pleasures…What danger?They are temporary.As soon as that car is written-off or you are declared bankrupt or your friends and family distance themselves from you…what happens to your identity?…You are left in a state of confusion…you lose your identity and anything that comes your way sweeps you off your feet for identitys’ sake…This is dangerous.Been there,done that and it is not anything to be proud of,but guess what…


Romans 8:16-17 has it!See what it says, “The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God,and if children,then heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ…”

As long as you confess and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord over your life,then your IDENTITY as a child of God is sure!It does not stop here,you also become heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ!…Isn’t this a sure foundation?…The Joy peace,love,fulfilment and satisfaction you need are in Christ.He forms the BASIS of our identity.We can only enjoy what Romans 8:16-17 says,provided we suffer with Him in order that we may be glorified with Him.Implying that you should

Accept Him as your Lord and Saviour,you wont regret it!

He knows your name,your every thought and each tear that falls.Rest assured,you have a Father who cares about you.He cares about your identity.

Pray this simple prayer with me,

Lord Jesus,I surrender my life to you confessing that I am a sinner.Make something beautiful out of this mess I am in.I accept you as my Lord and Saviour.Help me through this journey I am embarking on and be my Identity.In Jesus Name.


I am proud of you!

I end with a quote from a renown speaker who said, “Build your life on Gods’ Word.”

Before I go…

A new segment was introduced last week where I get to share the weeks’ theme song…Click below for this weeks’by Fortune and FIYA…

Have an amazing week full of self-discovery in Gods’ Word.

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