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Flowing Spontaneity

The Lord is profoundly intentional.What might look spontaneous are actions flowing out of his vision,passion and purpose.He begins with the end in mind,ensuring that everything He does is saturated with meaning and dripping with value.

Jennifer Skiff,the author of ‘God stories’ was working as a CNN correspondent at the age of thirty two,professionally she was thriving and at the same time experiencing overwhelming sadness and disappointment. Married for a second time and planning a divorce for a second time.She was also diagnosed with a tumor in her bone marrow and underwent an immediate surgery. She was relieved because she finally saw herself dead(she did not want to live any longer). Within 48 hours of her misery she received overwhelming love even from people she did not know and about a week later,while envisioning her funeral in bed (can you imagine this?),the doctor pronounced that the cancer she had was ‘benign’(not harmful). See what she writes after all this happened…“There was a God for me,one who made it clear.It was important I continue on with my life to work towards positive change in the world and to see and understand all I had been blessed with.”

She came to realise her value after going through all she went through.Life found a new meaning from then on.

Job lost everything he ever had.His dignity was not spared.Days on end he spent without food,water and talk.His life was like a leaf tossed and turned from side to side ruthlessly by strong wind.He became a pathetic image of himself. In the midst of His hopelessness and defenseless state,he had the courage to utter very powerful words…“Though he slay me,yet will I hope in him,I will surely defend my ways to his face.Indeed this will turn out for my deliverance, for no godless person would dare come before him!(John 13:15-16).Such immense strength in low estate!Wow!God restored double for his trouble and above all,Job not only heard of God but he saw Him.He had a timeless encounter with God.He finally ditched religion and embraced relationship.













“My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.”

(Job 42:5)

For me,this has been the toughest of years.There came a point when I could feel the grip of depression slowly getting a hold of me.It succeeded,but for a short time because I had a strong support system that God used to help me view life positively.Many are the plans I desired to accomplish by ‘so and so’ time but they were far from my reach…I decided by God’s help to invest in His Word,let go of all my idols and just work on my talents and my goodness!…How beautiful the Light is in a dark room!…In these dark moments,God spoke to me through His Word,He gave me new songs and above all my relationship with Him has become stronger.God has finally opened a door…A sign that He is at work.😊

I do not know who I am writing this for today.You are reading this not as a coincidence but because God is indeed working in your life.He is.This is not just a ritualistic write-up but a message I am sending out to you who is at the verge of giving up…you who is frustrated,devastated and stagnated,going through unspoken pain and unbroken sadness… I am writing this to you who is about to commit suicide…Please do not take away your precious life…He has a plan.You might not see it at the moment, like I didn’t see it then,but I can now see what God was doing.He has a plan for you my brother,my sister. He does.

DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE because Hope does not disappoint(Romans 5:5)You will realise that…
“God works with the end in mind ensuring that everything He does is saturated with meaning and dripping with value.

The song below has really ministered to me through very dark and hopeless seasons this year…I know many of you are familiar with it😊.Enjoy.

I am praying for you!

Have a hopeful week ahead!God has a plan.☺

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