Its been a month and a few days since my last post…Hallo there! So much learnt within the few days I have been offline and I couldn’t wait to share them with you😊.Let’s begin,shall we?…

A cage is still a cage no matter how good it is.”

Think about this.Whether sprayed with pure gold or sparkling with irresistible diamonds it is still a cage…Yes,one is comfortable in there;food,clothes and shelter provided but it is still a cage…Looking good on the outside but  crumbling inside…that’s a cage.Smiling and laughing with your friend but backbiting behind their back…that’s a cage.You have got to break free,but before I go any further with this,let’s throw back to 20 or so years back…(between 4-6years old),when mom or dad used to read us stories during bedtime…Good old days😉…

Lara The Yellow Ladybird by Martha Evans.

She was a special bug unlike her friends, she had bright yellow wings.Everyone loved her yellow wings. Each morning Butterfly said hallo and Mantis always waved even Spider was happy to see her. Lots of friends played with her at school,but Lara wanted to be like the other ladybirds. “I wish I had red wings like you mama,”she cried.So one day to cheer her up,Lara’s mother painted her wings bright red.Nobody greeted her the next day.No one noticed her new red wings until Misa Miya spotted her and said, “You have painted your lovely yellow wings!” Lara’s classmates were shocked. “Your wings are special,so unique and rare!”Miss Miya said. “Your yellow wings are what make you you.” Lara then went home and took a long bath promising herself not to paint her wings unless for fun.

Lara tried so hard to fit in.She infact,did not realise how special she was.Her yellow-coloured wings made her Lara,her friends loved them but she did not notice that. Miss Miya awakened her to the fact that she was unique and rare.

Self-confidence.We all struggle with accepting who we are.Our friends define us,social media defines us,what we listen to or watch also put pressure on us to be who we are not.The ‘Ideal’ for instance are the long-haired,blonde,light skinned,skinny ladies and for men,the latest machines(not cars😂),the bling,the latest IPhone and the number of times one goes to the gym💪…I mean…The pressure is real!…All these are cages.Looks wonderful,but a cage is still a cage.

Have you ever been around an alpha female/male?!My goodness I find them so annoying personally,but then I realised one thing about them,despite their yellow wings,they are so comfortable in their own skin, nobody can intimidate them. I admire this trait about them.They believe that no one in the crowd or in the room can be a better version of them than them😉 (does it make sense?…hope so)…It is liberating to break free from what is status quo.
Our perfect example Jesus went against status quo and look at the result!

When God created you,He knew what He was doing.He was not asleep,He was alert and knew that Tony,Andrew,Cindy, Sharon and the rest of us will be created in a certain way for a particular purpose.Dark,light,tall,short,thin,well-built,all these are created in the image and likeness of God.Genesis 1:27 says, So God created mankind in His own image,in the image of God he created them;male and female he created them.

As soon as we realise this,then we not only become that annoying alpha male or female,but that,reloaded with the fact that Its the God in us kinda thing going on!Woohooo🙌…We break free when we have this God-in-me consciousness, such that unless God and his word defines us,nothing else can! Guess what happens in return…

We can confidently say, The Lord is my helper;I will not be afraid.What can man do to me?(Hebrews 13:6)

Watch this short video on Christ-confidence that rubber stamps todays’ post.Enjoy!

He will help you wade through these mucky waters.We have strong confidence in the fear of the Lord.Not just confidence but strong confidence.

Hey!…Its okay to create a new normal with the ‘God-in-me’ mentality😉

Have a superb week.

Shine Bright.Shine Christ.

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