“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come,whispering,’It will be happier’ Alfred Tennyson

There is always ground-breaking energy whenever we choose to live positively as we look above from where our help comes.Living positively is never easy…reality does not allow us to.In any case,life is not perfect right?

The 2017 curtains are slowly being drawn to a close.Not everyone is happy that a new year is hours away,not everyone is sad and there are some who are neither here nor there.It’s all okay☺

Look at the new year as another chance gifted to you by God to try again,get off your comfort zone,fall and rise again.The new year is filled with so much hope that whispers, “It will be happier”…2017 resolutions were never met?…Hey,relax…this is another chance to get it right and make things work for God’s glory.

2017 started so bleak for me.I had goals,desires,dreams,resolutions…but how to accomplish them…the means was hard to come by.Fear crept in,my faith wavered,I became an emotional wreck but one scripture ministered to my heart to date.It came alive in my darkest of days…Romans 8:15(NIV),  “The Spirit you received doesn’t make you slaves,so you live in fear again;rather, the spirit you received brought about adoption to sonship and by him we cry,Abba Father.” The scripture goes on to say that the Spirit testifies with our spirit that we are Gods’ children.I drew strength from this scripture,I am no longer a slave to fear but a child of God.This excites me!… and I can confidently say that my year is drawing to a close in a way I never expected.Can’t thank God enough!☺

What am I saying here…The New year is more than resolutions and goals.It is more about the blessedness of life which is a precious gift from God.There are those who never lived to see this day, not because we are more worthy than they are but it is all by grace.Please do not take life for granted.The new year is a vivid reminder of this gift we have called life.

Neil Gaiman has a message for us as we welcome the new year…

“I hope that in this year to come,you make mistakes.Because if you are making mistakes,then you are making new things,trying new things,learning,living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world.You are doing things you have never done before and more importantly you are doing something.”

God is making all things new!Cheer up,strap those shoes and let’s roll into the new year!!!.

Guess what…Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.Write a good one.(Brad Paisley)

For everyone who has contributed one way or another towards the success of vivianblessing blog,asante sana(thank you very much).Your likes,comments,views and shares make a whole lot of difference!See you on the other side!

Wishing you a happy 2018 filled with joy and hope!

Lots of love!😉

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    1. Hey there dear!I am humbled that this has touched your heart😊Thank you.I am grateful to God for a chance to minister through writing and happy new year!


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