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I was hopeful…I believed in him and his dreams…I knew that together we were meant to be…I knew that he held that light…He was the star…Best of friends…Once you saw me,you knew he was around somewhere…this is how close we were until…

He never showed up for my last visiting day at school…He never bothered to say halo when I arrived home…Suddenly we became complete strangers and real enemies…He turned violent…no one felt safe in that house…He broke my heart,tore us apart and shattered my hopes…I was convinced I lost him…I lost him…forever…to violence and bitterness and depression…I did…I…

My brother…my blood brother did turn against me and his entire family.With dad gone to be with the Lord,the one who would protect and uphold the family turned against us all.It was bad…We felt helpless.Our safety was compromised.My life became a living hell…I dreaded going back home for fear of attack.I literarily locked myself in my room…This was my life since year 2008…

He was taken for counselling to no avail…put under antidepressants to no avail…family and friends tried to talk him out of his queer behaviour to no avail.We threw in the towel.Nothing helped anyway!He was a ‘gone’ case!Everything humanly possible we tried. It was all in vain…like hitting a wall and expecting it to cringe in pain.We bled from the inside…we hit a wall…hard!

Mom decided to let God.I didn’t see how God would salvage such a situation.In any case,we prayed endlessly.Its like he didn’t want to listen.At that time I was too bitter with God.I mean,too bitter.


Funny enough.He used to read the Bible so consistently.I would wonder how he did that yet nothing changed.I would really mock.Little did I know…something was happening slowly but surely…yes…slowly but surely.

Jeremiah 23:29 proves this when the Lord declares,

  “Is not my word like fire declares the Lord and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?”

His religious study of the word did not make any sense to me in any case, “by their fruits we shall know them”...but something was going on right there.With our naked eyes we could not see it…The hammer of the Word broke his heart of stone and he began to change.The fire of  the word burnt his bitter and vengeaful nature and he became less and less violent till one day he approached mom and said, “I was so bad in the past.”He finally saw the pain he put us through as a family and the shame he caused mom and the Christian Faith…

He is much much better now.Home is a safe haven for us as a family.His funny personality is back!…I can boldly say that when all else fails Gods’ Word does not fail.

Mom never gave up on his son regardless.She persisted in prayer and believed in God, the husband to the widow.My brother is passionate about the things of God,very good at studying the Word,passionate about his gift in fine art(he does it so well!rarely erases or redoes his work)…God has done it for us!I bless His name!One day mom came and confessed to me in my room, “Vivy,your brother used to sit with a knife beside him every night.” How he did not hurt us or himself is a mystery to me.God’s powerful word could not let him😊

Charles Spurgeon once said, “Visit many good books but live in the Bible.”

I decided to share this personal story to encourage someone who is at the verge of giving up.Your husband or wife is enstranged,violent and falling out of love…Your once united family is falling apart…Do not give up hope.God is watching and when all else fails,His Word always stands.The truth contained in the Word is able to sanctify the people who are going astray and I cannot forget to mention the Power of Prayer.It works wonders!

John 17:17,a scripture that came alive to me this week says, “Sanctify them by the truth,your word is truth.”

Jesus did not pray this prayer in vain.The Word of God is able to sanctify.Hallelujah!The Word is SHARPER than any double edged sword.How powerful is this!

In the Words of Casting Crowns,

 “The Word is alive,and it cuts like a Sword through the darkness with a message of life to the hopeless and afraid breathing life to all who believe…the world and its glories will fade but the truth,it will not pass away.It remains forever the same.The Word is Alive!”

Do you believe in God and His Word?If not,please pray this simple prayer with me, “Dear God,I come to you today broken.Mould me and shape me to what you want me to be.Help me believe in your Word which sanctifies and forgive me for the times I have doubted and mocked.Hold my hand and help me believe.Walk with me from this day henceforth.Thank you Lord.I believe.”


God’s word is alive.It is alive!!Forever alive!!I can bet my life!😉

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  1. Powerful, Powerful!
    Who is like unto our God! ….doing wonders.
    Thanks Vivi; We thank God for the water of His Word.

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