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“Five times I received forty lashes minus one.Three times I was beaten with rods, once I was pelted with stones, three times I was shipwrecked, I spent a night and a day in the open sea, I have been constantly on the move. I have been in danger from rivers, bandits,my fellows,in the city,in the country,at sea; and in danger from false believers. I have labored and toiled and have often gone without sleep; I have known hunger and thirst and have often gone without food; I have been cold and naked. Besides everything else, I face daily the pressure…”

Isn’t that just too much to bear?! 195 lashes!…hunger and thirst…cold and nakedness,danger,shipwreck...I mean this person should have just died before death came knocking on his door but look at him!…He sees everything he has faced as minor as compared to the pressure…the pressure he had for all the churches!…His life meant nothing to him more than seeing people see the light of Truth.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Apostle Paul,a man of integrity,a man who was unashamed of the gospel of Christ even in the face of very strong opposition.He stood for Truth and look at it now the trail blazed by him is still being felt generations later.I listened to a certain message this weekend and I like what the preacher said,he said, “Taking a stand is not always easy especially when going against a majority.” …Apostle Paul can attest to this.

How can one gain popularity and traction if all one does is represent Christ in deed,thought and action and appear boring before friends and family?…You cannot afford to compromise for popularity and traction I mean the price to pay is too high!Not worthit at all!I remember narrating a case where my small brother decided to pick the sweets I always keep in my pocket thinking that I would not know or notice…The scolding he got that day!It’s like he stole a million dollar watch!…It is the little foxes my friends…It is the small compromises that will take away our witness as Christians…Do not ignore them.Sometimes we compromise too often and our conscience becomes seared and therefore we feel absolutely nothing anymore.One can lie and lie and lie so well,such that there is no difference between the truth he/she says and a lie…One finds oneself on the wrong side of the law and there is nothing to panick about…A hefty bribe bails one out!…No one will ever know anyway…One is married and yet has an affair outside his or her marriage,in any case the grass is always greener on the other side!…


Compromise is like slowly descending into that pit,feels and seems fun but the more you keep compromising the deeper you fall into the pit and ultimately that rope/line that was facilitating your compromise is cut and you get trapped in there,desperate,lost and left for dead.Question is,is there hope?Yes…there is hope.Absolutely yes!

One preacher once said that in this day and age sin is most often than not sugar coated.Instead of calling it adultery,we call it an affair which sounds more polite and gentle.

“Taking a stand is not always easy especially when going against a majority.”

Three hebrew boys years ago decided to go against a majority.They could not get themselves to bow to that intimidating yet very expensive idol!…What about their God?!…Picture this scenario,among 50,000 people for instance,whose heads are on the ground,bowing to a lifeless man-made statue,only three people remain standing.Only three!What this calls for is nothing short of attention.

The king therefore orders a furnace to be fanned 7times hotter than usual for these three to be thrown in there and roast to death,shock on them they see a forth who appears like ‘the son of the gods’…The description is quite ‘close’ to what they do…worship gods….found it quite interesting.Anyway,the three came out of the 7-time heated furnace unscathed and King Nebuccadnezzar ordered for the entire kingdom to worship this God.And guess what,the ‘rebels’ were promoted.(See Daniel 3)

Sin is most often than not sugar coated

Look like a fool,infact be a fool and stand for what is right.Stand for Truth…It does reward greatly.It might be very difficult,it is difficult and that is why we need so much grace from God and help from the Holy Spirit.By our power we cannot infact when we use our own strength,then like Paul we shall say, “Whatever I want to do I do not do and whatever I do not want to do I do…”

For the sake of generations to come…for the sake of that person sitted next to you right now or that one looking up to you…above all for the sake of God and His glory,stand for truth.Let people see Christ in you if you profess to be a Christian.Be the light,be the salt of the earth.Let your light so shine before men…your yes,let it be yes and your no,no…This is a call to you my fellow Christian to live out Christianity because that is what the world needs!

“The world does not need a ‘Christianized’ version of itself”

I am calling us today to be different and stand for Truth in the face of opposition.Christ is able to engrace us.He created us to glorify him and our duty is to do just that.Let us not soil our Christian Witness.

It is my first time to listen to the song by Wissman family,found it profound and to the point.Let us strive to stand for Truth like Apostle Paul,Daniel,Shadrack,Meshack and Abednego and Above all like Jesus Christ our perfect example.

Stand for truth,though you are walking all alone,

Stand for truth,God will help make you strong,

Run with courage in the fight,

Walk in faith and not by sight,

Stand for Truth.

Will you my friends search the Word of God or instead opt to toss the truth out of the window?…Watch out for that Pitfall!

Have an amazing week ahead.

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