In My Fathers’ Eyes…

The energy,the time,the effort,the sweat,the tears,the sacrifice…24/7 either thinking about something or over something,24/7 strategising/planning,24/7 failure is no option and if it does occur,there has to be a plan B…24/7 plan B inevitable…

Tripping calls for a strong arm to hold you up before you touch the ground.Fear and worry calls for assuring words, ‘It will be okay,do not worry’…loneliness gripping calls for those strong yet gentle arms to cuddle you and keep you safe and warm.

Going the wrong way?…Eyes so stern,voice so loud and hands quick to correct and lead the right way(Ephesians 6:4).Going the right way?A pat in the back and…’Hey child,keep going,you are doing great,don’t give up,keep fighting,keep striving,keep moving…'(Hebrews 12:7-11)

“Bring me candy and a toy car and don’t forget to buy me…” “Darling,I need sugar,and salt too,pick me some groceries on your way home”…Picture this for a moment,one person needs to work,needs to attend to family,make sure the kids are comfortable,the wife is ‘feeling loved and not alone’…yet with all this surrounding this individual,a good state of mind is necessary.How they pull all this off…only God knows.

Fathers and Fathers to be.I mean hats off for you guyz!We take time to celebrate the women but this is your turn.You mean alot to us Fathers,you inspire life in families and push us to action.

My dad played a huge role in who I am today,If he were here I know he would be smiling and saying, “My daughter,all we went through was never in vain,keep fighting,keep pushing because I believe in you.” He taught me how to read scripture,a book a week!He helped me with my revision for exams and my goodness was there a visiting day He missed back in my highschool days?!…Not one!I greatly miss him,13 years since he went to be with the Lord.God has been faithful.He was a great Father and a Loving Husband too…His love for mom was so evident! (Ephesians 5:25)

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To you Fathers,Fathers to be and Sons,I celebrate you fully!I do not want to say that you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to us…Mike Myers says that that is an understatement.Can you imagine,you and I would not be here without our Fathers?!!!…They played a very significant role in our formation and that is why I take this opportunity to celebrate them as well as Father figures…You guyz are just the best!

Incase you are there wondering,I don’t think my Father is worth celebrating infact you wish he were dead or not your father at all.Let’s be honest with each other here…He is your Father as beastly and ruthless as he might seem and you cannot run away from that fact,but guess what?…You have a heavenly Father…Oh really?…I cant even touch or feel this Heavenly Father you are talking about?…Or so you think.

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Imagine His Presence Is so real!Look around you!The birds of the air,the fish in the sea,the trees,flowers…the beautiful mountains…They are evidence enough that God the Father is here and He loves you because you are worth much more to Him than those birds He feeds on a daily basis.



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Wow,a Father is a guiding Light whose love shows us the way.

Need I say more?


Related with Beyonces’ song called Daddy.Check it out.


I treasure every extraordinary memory.Thank you daddy for loving me so dearly.

Happy Fathers to all the Fathers who have been there for their families,the Fathers to be,Father figures and not forgetting Sons who will one day become Fathers!


It’s never too late to celebrate you!


Have an amazing week ahead friends!!


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