In The Silence…

It’s so amazing how bloggers coincidentally tend to think along the same line at a certain point in time.Then am like,hey,maybe God is saying something here!

Lately…I am still trying to figure out why this came up so strongly but,I figured I should actually stop figuring out the reason why and just get to write about it…In any case two of my favourite bloggers just wrote about it recently,differently but geared towards the same theme!Just Wow!

Why are we so afraid of the silence?…Why do we most often than not look for distractions?…What are we running away from?…

I read a quote by Plato…he stated that, “We can easily forgive a child afraid of the dark.The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

It is in that silence we run away from that we see the light shining on us.It is in the silence, that we search ourselves…It is in that deathly kinda silence, that we hear The Voice.To be honest,I won’t pretend and tell you that I am okay and am always looking forward to moments of silence…nah ah!…I actually dread these moments.

Why is that?…Silence makes me overthink.At times my mind just rewinds all the way back to my not so pleasant past and condemnation results.I get depressed and desperate and quickly get my phone out look through my play list and get that song that gets me dancing or bopping my head and poof!…I feel ‘okay’…

Picture your favourite horror movie…Most of them climax when the actor is in the dark alone,for instance,sleeping or just chilling and in that dark silence,there is a bang or a screeching/squeaking door and suddenly the actor/actress starts moving…tiptoeing with his/her heart loudly beating…scared out of his/her wits,towards the direction of the spooky sound…As we watch,how do we feel ourselves?…Exactly!…Scared!We almost want to grab that pillow and bury our heads in it!…

Image result for Photo of one afraid of the dark

I stopped watching horror movies…Just saying.I couldn’t handle the extreme emotional trauma that came with it!…Hahaha!

The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.

As much as we struggle with quiet times,we can still do it.

Picture the moment of Christs’ death at the cross(Well,I guess today we have to repeatedly put our imaginative aspect of the brain to practice…ha!).The darkest and most desperate moment of His entire earthly life.This was the most silent season of His life,His bearing the sins of the entire world added so much weight to His shoulders.His humiliation before the men He spent His young life saving and healing was enough to kill Him even before He actually died.He was all alone,His Father left Him when He most needed Him…

Picture and listen to the tone of His voice when He cries out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”…It is through the dark,lonely,silent moment that His Sonship was declared by the Centurion…Through the Silence of this night,we can now confidently and boldly approach the throne of Grace!Above all,it is through this silence that Salvation was gifted to lost humanity!…The Silent and dark night,mixed with Gods’ infallible grace birthed the Greatest Gift of all time!-Salvation.

Yes,we are afraid of the silence…yes,we look for distractions,but echoing the words of Plato,the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the Light.Introspection,is necessary in this life we live in.In silence we create room for ourselves to search our hearts and allow God to examine us.We not only suppress our scary past but are able to face it with tears and fears and worries,being vulnerable before our Creator.He said that His yoke is easy and His burden is so light!(See Matthew 11:30)…It is in silence that we are able to reflect how far we have come,our achievements,our victories and return the glory back to God alone,because if it were not for Him,we would have been nothing but shadows of ourselves.


The whole earth is filled with His glory!(See Isaiah 6:3).Allow His glory to be revealed in the silence…

Please pray this simple prayer in the words of Nathaniel Bassey,

Dear Lord,

Take the stage and have Your way I’m Your vessel and Nothing more and when You’re done please take the glory.I’m satisfied, just to see You glorified.



The sound of many waters
Calms the sea in me
The voice that ends the silence
Meets me in my need
Like fireworks
Igniting in my chest
The weight of Your glory
The reverence
I’m in awe that You would come to me
In awe that I could hear You speak. (Kari Jobe, Speak to Me)


There is beauty in silence.

Don’t run away…You are not alone.



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