Do It Again?

It has been a month and a few days since I wrote here.Been through a season of transition since then and am very grateful to God for seeing me through.Have you ever experienced that moment when things happen so fast that inspiration just goes on break…ya… quite literally…That is exactly what happened to me and so I had to take a hiatus just to reconnect to my source of inspiration.I am feeling much better now and indeed He has never left nor forsaken me.

I kept asking this question over and over again…Do it again?…When change takes one unawares or gradually comes toward you…there is that fear and anxiety that just creeps in and keeps creeping in as change fast approaches.

Walking around the same wall over and over again is quite tiring…It is quite scary to feel the slippery nature of the faith I am holding onto…It is my last resort,else I fall down that cliff screaming for blood!…Do it again you say?

I did it!…I heard you call me to the Unknown and I obeyed your voice…I walked away from what I knew…I walked away from comfort and calm to discomfort and storm…Why are you sleeping?Can’t you see the raging storm?…Do you want me to drown while you are asleep?…

Do it again?…I want to know how you will do it again.I want to know what lies behind these walls I am walking around.I just want to feel your presence here with me…I want you to whisper in my ears…I need a sign.I just need a sign…Show me a sign God!


The promise still stands.Great is your faithfulness.You have never failed and you won’t start with me.You are the same God yesterday,today and forever.You are God all by yourself.

My confidence…You who part the Red Sea,still part the Jordan River…That means you are still able to part the one in front of me right?…

My confidence…You gave Sarah a child in the midst of her sarcastic laughter and impossible-can-never happen state,you still did the same for Hannah!…Wow!I see your power transcending impossibilities!…What is mine?…

My Confidence….No jail/darkness is too dark for you to shine your light.Shadrack,Meshack and Abednego attaest to this,Daniel nods at this fact and Paul and Silas shout Yes to it.I am so confident….extremely confident that through this quagmire you are breaking through and shining your light!

My confidence is in the fact that you are the God of transitions.You are the one who called mere Abram to the unknown and now is the Father of Nations.You are the one who chose a mere village girl married to a carpenter to parent the King of the World.The Saviour of the whole world!…You show no partiality whatsoever.

So once again,I ask…God,can you still do it again?…YES!…yes!…YES!…I AM CONFIDENT.So confident that you are the God of the impossible!HALLELUYAH!

I dedicate this write-up to you who are going through a season of transition.Believe in the fact that God is in your midst and is able to turn your life around for His glory.He can do it again friend!…Believe me!Trust Him!

Pray this prayer meaning it…

Dear God,

Lord, I come with new found faith
I will trust every word You say
All my fears, I’m laying down
At Your feet
I will, trust in Your grace that cannot be earned
Walk through the fire and not be burned
All my doubts have lost their sound
To Your voice because you are who you are.


(Derived from Lincoln Brewsters’-God of the Impossible)


The Promise still stands.His faithfulness is so great.As much as we cannot see the peak of a mountain in fog…That peak is still there.Same case,God is always present regardless of what you going through.He is that beautiful peak in the fog.

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The Peak Is Still There



Have an amazing week ahead!

Remember,He is faithful to His Promises.


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