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With Open Arms

Stumbled onto a quote by Buddha that I really found quite profound…

“Let us rise and be thankful,for if we didn’t learn a lot today at least we learned a little and if we didn’t learn a little,at least we didn’t get sick and if we got sick,at least we didn’t die,so let us be thankful.”

We have a reason to be thankful…

January,Feb…August…December 31st…the last day of the year 2018.Looking back,what are you most thankful for?…How do you view 2018?…Well for some,I believe there is nothing to write home about the year coming to a close…infact they wish the few hours remaining could be fast-forwarded…to some this year brought forth life and meaning and they have so much to write home about…

Question is…Is it really more about things to write about concerning 2018,or the gift of life granted to you by God to even be able to see the very last day of the year?…The latter carries more weight.Inasmuch as there is not much for someone out there,there is life.You have life my friend! Thank God for it!

Bene Brown says, “What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude.”

A tragic incident happened to a young lady 4 days after Christmas that’s on the 29th.On the 25th,she managed to sustain minor injuries from a road accident and so she cheated death by a whisker, but on the 29th a vehicle rammed onto her and she died instantly!…This young lady has not lived to see the new year…after cheating death on Christmas day,may her soul rest in peace,but you and I are alive and well.Not that we are more deserving than she is…It is all by the grace of God.

We are not entitled to the gift of life,it is a privilege.

We cannot repay God for the gift of life but we can express our gratitude raw…no chills…no holding back because to this last day He has given you and I life!

Yes,you might have lost your job or lost someone close to you or your marriage or relationship went down south to a point of a break up or divorce. The worst you can ever do to yourself is dwell on the past,because then you can’t move forward and you bring your life to a halt/stop.

A good friend of mine had his phone stolen from him yesterday (30th).I was devastated and he was distraught and just recently he had his car hit.He was asking me why all this things have happened in the month of December. As much as it is hard to place a finger on the reason why,the greatest reason I gave him was, “It is because God averted a greater tragedy that would have happened to you.” He has life and with life there is a second chance… Choose to see it and give thanks!

I like what Paul says in Philippians 4:12-14; “…Not that I have already obtained all this,or have already been made perfect, but I PRESS ON to TAKE HOLD OF that for which CHRIST JESUS took HOLD OF ME.Brothers,I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do:Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead.I PRESS ON towards THE GOAL to WIN THE PRIZE for which God has called me heavenwards in Christ Jesus.”

Paul went through Hell and High water…He would have given up!He was justified to do so anyway!But…I like how the message version puts it…Paul says…”I’ve got my eye on the goal,where God is beckoning onward-to Jesus.I’m off and running and not turning back!”

Choose to see that in the verge of almost giving up,attempting to take your life out of frustration and disappointment… You are still here!Still standing! God held you so close so you wouldn’t let go,His mercy kept you so you wouldn’t let go! See it?…He has a plan…

Its’ not over dear friend!See…God is doing a new thing!Forget the former things,do not dwell on the past…(Isaiah 43:18-19 paraphrased)

Take off and run and do not turn back!Press on like you never have!This is your chance to make 2019 a better year for you!

It’s about time to get up,wipe those tears,acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them,shake that dust off and get moving…If you are not able to walk just crawl toward the mark,if not able to run,please walk…just get going because you have what it takes.

2019 is an empty page book,its your call to write the chapters in there!Be confident enough to look up,chin high and say, “I feel a new beginning coming towards me and am running to it with open arms.”


Happy New Year!

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Kurt Kurr-I Almost Let Go

Hillsong worship-Thank you Jesus

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