Forfeiting True Love?

“We love you Lord,we adore you Lord we lay our lives before your throne…”

We lay our lives before your throne.I listen to this song by Dr Tumi and am always brought to my knees.Do you know that whenever you lay your life before Him,it means you fully open yourself up to Him,you are vulnerable before Him,you are willing and ready for Him to search you out,examine you and above all you are telling Him “Here I am do as you please…”

This means He can send you whenever and wherever He pleases.

During World War 2,three psychologists existed.Two had mastered in their field but one was an apprentice.Sigmund Freud,came up with the Pleasure principle which he strongly believed drives behaviour on the other hand Alfred Adler believed that men were driven by power so he held onto the Power principle.

Victor Frankl was the apprentice who longed to walk in the footsteps of His mentors,but sadly before he began his career he was detained in the Nazi consecration camp for four long years.After this period he began questioning His mentors’ principle by virtue of the way his fellow prisoners behaved.

It was quite unexpected for those who looked strong and able, to die so fast but those who appeared weak and fragile survived and lived longer…this is what really happened.He then ruled out the Pleasure principle because in detention there was pain and suffering no room for pleasure.The power principle was ruled out too because in there they were treated like animals and kicked around.

Allow me to block quote the following,which really got me…The speaker who narrated this,Michael Frost stated that…

“The difference between those who survived and those who perished was HOPE.They never gave up their belief that their lives had MEANING.What is the basic human drive?The one thing that gives life value?The ability to live with a sense of meaning.Not power.Not pleasure.MEANING.”

Without meaning or purpose you cannot experience power or have pleasure because you will live an empty life with no sense of direction.

Jonah was called out by God instead He chose his way and suffered for it (See Jonah 1:1-17)He came back in line after so much turmoil.I like his confession in Jonah 2:8…He says, “Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs”

The message version says,they walk away from their only true love. Are you walking away from your only true love?Are you walking away from your purpose at the expense of what the world has to offer?…The danger of doing this is you forfeit Grace…Grace that comes beautifully wrapped up in walking in Gods’ plan and purpose for your life.

What gives life value is the ability to live with a sense of meaning.

I was hanging out with a couple of friends yesterday and one of us said that he loves to attend funeral memorials because they help him reflect because someday he will be the one in there.The question he always asks is,when they are ‘throwing’ sand on him that day,will he have pursued his purpose in life?

Got me questioning too.That day will eventually come and we have to ask ourselves such hard questions.

Many work in fantastic organisations,traversing the world…or not,driving our dream cars,living in our dream homes with amazing families but deep down is the greatest,hollowest void of all time! Why?They have not found their purpose.They are being defined by the standards of the World!…really sad.Is there hope?

Yes!God has a plan and purpose for everyone of us. We are the clay,He is the potter(See Isaiah 64:8).Sometimes all we have to do is get off that high horse we are riding on and walk into remoulding,rebuilding…walk into the hands of The Potter.I promise you this, it will be uncomfortable,you will experience pain,your ego will be dented,seriously.But I can also guarantee fulfillment and great joy coupled with peace after a redirection into your God-given purpose.

My greatest prayer for us this year is to walk towards our true love,a purpose bigger than us…towards great meaning and hope against hope…towards God.Why?Because we cannot ignore the fact that He formed us and the potter can never be the clay.(See Isaiah 29:16)He knows what is best for us,don’t run away from Him?

I end with the words of our perfect example,Jesus Christ…
“If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water...but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst.“(See John 4:10-14)


Have an amazing week ahead!Remember that it is only when you submit yourself to the potter,that you rediscover yourself and you never thirst again!😉

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