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I attended an event last Friday… An evening of uninterrupted worship. I totally love such!Anyway before I get into it…

Imagine a ship filled with people crossing the Atlantic. In the middle of the ocean there is an explosion. The ship is severely damaged and slowly sinking. Most are dead, and the rest are rushing for the lifeboats. Now suppose one man doesn’t know about the lifeboat, so he does not get aboard. He doesn’t have knowledge, so he is not saved. Suppose another man knows about the lifeboat and believes it will save his life, but he is grief-stricken over seeing his wife killed, so he chooses not to get aboard and dies with his wife. He has knowledge and mental assent, but he is not saved. Others believe the lifeboat will save them, and they get into the boat. (Evangelism,A Biblical Approach,M.Moody)

I am reminded of the Titanic.Many jumped into life boats.Question is?How certain is one,that a life boat can help with the ‘Atlantic Crossing’ when all hell breaks lose?Its quite intriguing for lack of a better word that in the vast oceans and seas,tiny life boats come in handy when a massive ship is on the way to the underwater…hmmm…then in all this confusion 3 people arise… Those who do not to get to the lifeboat because they just do not know anything about it,those who just choose not to jump onto the lifeboat because of someone else’s experience in the ship and those who know what the lifeboat can do and jump in without hesitating.

I recall someone who was the latter. Yes he saw how hard the others struggled to prove themselves but he still jumped onto the lifeboat pulling others with him almost surpassing the maximum weight the lifeboat could carry. This man was called Elijah.In 1 Kings from verse 22 he challenges the prophets of Baal.He tells them to prepare a bull first since they were so many,call on the name of their god without lighting a fire on the wood. They called on the name of their god until they slashed themselves with swords and spears. They were that desperate…but nothing happened.I love what Elijah did next…he followed his own instructions; He took twelve stones,cut the bull in pieces and placed it on the wood…but he added a few twists to the simple instructions he gave the Baal prophets…He dug a trench around the altar and instructed four jars be filled with water and be poured on the offering and the wood.

Please note how deliberate he was.The water wasn’t just for the sacrifice alone or the wood alone but for both the sacrifice and wood!… “Are you out of your mind Elijah?! What do you think you are doing?… Shoulda added kerosene or petrol and not jars of water!” I can only imagine what people were thinkingšŸ˜‚….

Elijah then…with all this wet mess of a place(three times 4 jars of water was poured!) Stepped forward and prayed and immediately the fire fell and burnt up the sacrifice, the wood,the stones and the soil as if that was not enough it licked up the water in the trench!…Just like that!

450 prophets up against one!See this God!!!! Elijah chose to jump onto the lifeboat despite the negative experience the Baal prophets had.There was no guarantee that the lifeboat(the fire) would get him to the other side but He Jumped regardless!

Hannah was ridiculed and looked down upon by Peninah because she had no child.She would weep and instead of giving up and living in self-pity,she called on the name of the Lord.This was her lifeboat.She was drowning!…She had to depend on it and at the end of the day she was blessed with Samuel.The man who anointed the King who was a descendant of the Saviour of the world! See 1 Samuel 1-19

Where is your lifeboat?Have you tossed it aside so far away that when the winds and the waves beat against the ship of your life and damage it you sink?Are you the type who would look at the lifeboat and ignore it because your friends or family drowned and died anyway?or are you the type who would jump in despite and inspite because like Elijah and Hannah you have such a strong conviction that when push comes to shove it will get you to the other side alive and victorious?…

Oh the event I attended helped me introspect my faith.When everything else fails me am I able to hold onto the wet-wood kinda faith?…Will I jump onto this lifeboat?…

I am encouraging each one of us to hold on to this lifeboat which I use to symbolise great faith.Hold on to faith.Hold onto it so tight…hold on to it to the very last thread because as much as there is no guarantee to safely get to the other side,there is a guarantee of a Saviour and it is he who saves when you keep holding on….Keep holding onto faith…If everything else fails,if I am the most mocked and laughed at,if I lose my job,my friends, my family…I will still hold on…I must keep walking…I will still praise Him…He will still receive the glory!

Tell yourself over and over again that you got what it takes to hold onto faith.Do not drown with a lifeboat in your ship?…Do not die before your time?…Hold on…stay strong…always remember that,

No matter how much faith you and I have,it is not the faith that saves.Saving faith trusts Christ and Christ saves.

Pray this simple prayer with me,

Dear God,I confess that many are the times I fail to hold onto faith and so I come today asking for your help… I do not have either the strength or the will to hold on.Help me God.Assure me of your saving grace.Thank you.In your name I pray. Amen.

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  • Eyes Fixed by Phil Wickham
  • Mwanzo na Mwisho(Beginning and End) by Kanjii Mbugua

Have an awesome week ahead!

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