Love so strong

Love is patient…kind,does not envy or boast.Love is not proud.Rude?Not at all.It is not self-seeking or easily angered.Amazingly enough,love does not hold grudges does not fail or delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.You want to know what love always…ALWAYS does?…Protects,HoPes and Perseveres…The 3Ps of Love😉

Its amazing how LOVE is a vital ingredient in our day to day life!Many are the times when this is put to test.On your way to work,in a discussion with friends,in a restaurant and the list is endless. As long as we have it in our hearts to uphold the qualities of love outlined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7,then we emulate our greatest example,Jesus Christ.

“But I always reach out to the needy,pray everyday,care for the sick…,” you might be wondering.Oh wow!This is superb!But…Do you do this out of love or out of duty and routine/requirement?…Well,see what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13:1-3;

“If I speak in tongues of men and of angels,but have not love,I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge and if I have faith that can move mountains,but have not love,I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames,but have not love,I gain nothing.”

Think about that for a moment.Good deeds,great faith and a life possessing great gifts is good!But…all this summed up minus love is absolutely nothing…Zero!!!…

I like what J.C watts Jr.says, “Compassion can’t be measured in dollars and cents.It does come with a price tag,but that price tag isn’t the amount of money spent.The price tag is love.”

This is the season of love…well,should be all year round but,February highlights this… Just like December highlights Christmas😉

Lovers are eagerly awaiting for the 14th which is Valentines’ day!What have you got planned by the way?…For some,this is just like any other day,for others, this is that day they will get that engagement ring they have been waiting for,for some…this is a time to give of their time and resources, for others,they will receive and others will walk down the isle on this day!…Congratulations if you are one of these!💕

For me Valentines day is more than my lover and I.Its more about the two of us and the one who brought us together in the first place. Valentines day for me goes beyond the gifts and surprises.For me it is about the three of us.God,myself and my lover.We might not have time for each other on that specific day,perhaps we might not even gift each other anything but we have LOVE and God is love.Love is Protection,It is HoPe and it is Perseverance. What more can I ask for?…Love stands the test of time!…What is Valentines Day for you?…

I love stories.I bumped into one which talked about a young boy who was taking care of his younger brother since the parents had travelled.A pastor knocked on the door and started a conversation with the 9-year old boy.He then realised that the boy had never been to church and so he narrated to the boy a story,which was the greatest love story ever.The boy followed him to church and watched the offering plate going round.He searched his pockets,everywhere for a coin he could give but he found non.The basket passed by him and he followed it using his eyes to the very back.He then stood up and ran after the usher grabbing her cloth and asked for the offering plate.He took it placed it on the floor and stood on it saying, “Jesus,I don’t have anything to give you today,but just me.I give you me.”

This is how the young boy came to experience first hand,the greatest Love Story ever!

The Titanic and Romeo and Juliet are love stories that really paint the picture of ‘true love’ but the Greatest Love story is a Father who chose to give His best for filthy sinners!He gave His very best unto death!…Now this is what TRUE LOVE is about!

I give you me

Like that young boy who gave His life to Jesus.I take this opportunity to invite you who are yet to experience the greatest love story first hand to do so by praying this prayer with me…

Dear God,

Thank you for loving me despite my flaws and shortcomings.Thank you for giving your one and only son to die for me…a sinner.Thank you for assuring me of your Love so true.I give my life to you today God.Help me experience your undying love.Take my heart,my life…purify me and make me just like you.Thank you.You are my Lord and savior from this day onwards. Amen.

Featured Songs this week:

  • Forever by Jason Nelson
  • I wanna be like you by Bishop Andrew and The Straight Gate Mass Choir

Experience Love and spread the love this week and beyond!

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