Dear Child,

I hear you calling out to me,I see your pain,I celebrate your milestones and I know you inside out.I know the number of hair on your tiny little head.

I realize you are engrossed with doubt and anxiety, but look at the birds,trees and plants. I take care of them how much more you my child?I have not given you the spirit of fear,but of power,love and a sound mind.As my child,you are no longer a slave to fear.

You fall short day in day out but that doesn’t change the fact that you are my son and you are my daughter.I bought you with a price.I see every step you take and every step of the way,I am with you.Do not condemn yourself because I redeemed you and your sins are forgiven.

Why do you have a stooped posture?Why is your head bowed?Why child? Don’t you know that I have great plans for your life and you have a purpose hear on earth?Don’t you understand that as long as you have me,you can do all things?Don’t you feel my hand holding your right hand?… Walk with your head held high,let your confidence and courage be evident my child.Make your boast in the Lord,in your Father. Always have this in mind child,in this very dark and tasteless era,you are the light and the salt.You add so much value!I am proud of you!

At work you are really struggling.You think you are not up to your bosses’ standards.The fact that you are in that organisation at that specific position only goes to show that you are valued and the good work I have began in you I am able to perfect it.Do not allow your identity to be defined by how you work,but let it be rooted in me,your Father. Whenever you feel overwhelmed and burnt out,come to me with freedom and confidence and I will give you rest.Come learn from me,let’s converse and do life together. You are my child,my friend and you are justified.

Before I sign out child,always walk in the consciousness of the fact that I love you with an everlasting love.No sin,no shame,no past,no pain,no height,no depth can ever separate you from my love.My love is not confined to Valentines day…by the way?What gift did you give or receive?Am curious to know…Never ever feel insecure because you are hidden in Christ in God.You are the apple of my eye.I treasure and love you too much and the cross is evidence of the love.Imagine I came running after you,tearing down every wall just to get to you.My love for you is unstoppable,reckless,relentless.It never ends.

I love you so much.Wipe those tears away.I got you!

With everlasting love,

Your Heavenly Father,


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