Here Again

…You are perfect in all of your ways…

This is an excerpt from Chris Tomlins’ Good Good Father song.Lately I have been asking God to give me a sign that indeed He is perfect,so perfect in all His ways!…

I have been overwhelmed,broken and worried about so many things.It has been quite unbearable but the beauty of a season like this is,He always has a way of giving a sign and I am assured of His cover over my life.In the midst of so much turmoil and confusion and questions, He still remains the same.

Maybe all He wanted to do is to put me in a space where I allow Him to take the wheel.I have been using my own strength.

Sometimes all you need to do is own up to Him and just let go because you can only go so far on your own strength.

Finances are the issue?He owns cattle in a thousand hills,the earth and everything in it is His…â˜ș

Worried that you will fail and fall away?Through Christ you can do all things

Feeling inadequate?You are bought with a price.You belong to God.

Almost giving up and ready to quit?Be confident that the good work He began He will bring to perfection

Wondering whether you are of value?Guess what you are the salt and the light of the earth!

Such beauty in the gift of the Word of God.How about taking time everyday to just meditate on what God says about us?😊

As short and unusual as this write-up may seem.I want to encourage you to look above.That is where your help comes!Other than that,I ask us to get our grip off what we are holding onto that is weighing us down.In any case,we cannot change anything? We do not have the power to,but God does.

Let go and let God!

He got this!…He got you!

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