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You Only Live Once?…

What would you like to become when you grow up?… A doctor,a nurse,a pilot,an engineer…

It is quite rare for a child to say, “When I grow up,I want to change the world.” These careers do change the world but there is a big difference between one who outrightly states it and one who doesn’t.

I want to change the world.

It is only when this comes out of a child’s mouth,that you sense intentionality in making the world a better place.I recall being in class,three weeks ago and the facilitator asked us to say where we would want to be 10years from now.One of us said, “I want to be a carpenter”… “What?!”…Can’t carpentry be done like as soon as now?Why make it a 10year goal?…I liked what he said after this… “Jesus was a carpenter” It doesn’t look glittery but for him,he literally wants to follow his Master’s footsteps.He has carefully thought this through you know😉

There is always something greater than ourselves.Its not about that career that will help you buy a Duplex,get the latest machine or buy land and rent houses.Its more about that career that will be a stepping stone to reaching out to others.Its never about us at all.We need to realise that as much as wealth/money does us great good,it is temporary and fades away like withered grass.You and I will leave it all behind.

King Solomon had it all…Wealth,Wisdom,Women and Power.I can only imagine His confident,tall and well-built stature. He actually had it all!Is this the same man who took stock of his life and said,

“I said to myself, “Let’s go for it—experiment with pleasure, have a good time!” But there was nothing to it, nothing but smoke. What do I think of the fun-filled life? Insane! Insane! My verdict on the pursuit of happiness? Who needs it? With the help of a bottle of wine and all the wisdom I could muster, I tried my level best to penetrate the absurdity of life. I wanted to get a handle on anything useful we mortals might do during the years we spend on this earth. Oh, I did great things: built houses, planted vineyards, designed gardens and parks and planted a variety of fruit trees in them, made pools of water to irrigate the groves of trees. I bought slaves, male and female, who had children, giving me even more slaves; then I acquired large herds and flocks, larger than any before me in Jerusalem. I piled up silver and gold, loot from kings and kingdoms. I gathered a chorus of singers to entertain me with song, and—most exquisite of all pleasures— voluptuous maidens for my bed. Oh, how I prospered! I left all my predecessors in Jerusalem far behind, left them behind in the dust. What’s more, I kept a clear head through it all. Everything I wanted I took—I never said no to myself. I gave in to every impulse, held back nothing. I sucked the marrow of pleasure out of every task—my reward to myself for a hard day’s work! Then I took a good look at everything I’d done, looked at all the sweat and hard work. But when I looked, I saw nothing but smoke. Smoke and spitting into the wind. There was nothing to any of it. Nothing.”

Eccl 2:1-11(MSG)

Can you imagine the regret,pain and helplessness King Solomon felt when he was uttering these words?He realised that as much as he did not say no to himself,all that summed up amounted to absolutely NOTHING!…

Looking back…

He lived out and epitomised the slogan,You Only Live Once(YOLO) until that day he self-reflected.

He could not turn back the hand of time and so he chose to share with us and with generations to come that earthly possessions are good yes,but let us not hold onto them because they are nothing but VANITY.(Eccl 2:2)

You and I still have the chance to make things right with our friends and loved ones.The people around you need you to put a smile on their faces,acknowledge how important and valued they are.We have a duty to go out there and be the change the world wants to see.The world does not care about how much we amass or how high we are in the social ladder.The world cares about how many people you and I touched when we had the chance to and guess what?

Everyday is an opportunity for us to say no to ourselves and yes to others. It is an opportunity to live once but live well.Everyday presents to us a chance to get our grip off of possessions and give to those in need.

Like Ambassador Brenda Munsemba,whose life was snuffed out through a grizzly accident, “I would want to become the best the world will ever have.”

Would you?

When your light touches my light

That’s enough light

To take away the darkness of the world

Jesus Light inside us

Means you and I are strong enough

To make a difference in the world

Together you and I are bright enough

To illuminate the world: Let it shine

Shine like a beacon

Let it shine

Like a thousand burning suns

Let it shine

This is my challenge to us this week.Go and be the best the world will ever have😊.

Have a week full of opportunities to reach out😉

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