Straight From My Heart

Take me to the place I have never been,

My eyes have never seen…

Take me to a place where my Faith cannot farthom,

No choice will I have but to be Far…Home.

Take me to the place,to the site,to the space,

Where only You can lead by Grace.


Show me,my purpose,where to go,

How to go and who to go to,

Show me that you are holding my right hand,

I need you Lord to show me.

Lead me and show me.


I might not be willing to be led by you or shown by you…I have plans of my own too you know,but I don’t wanna live this way…I want you to be…

My music, when all seems quiet

My rain,in the midst of dryness

My hope,in hopelessness

My joy,in extreme pain

Because you Lord,you alone deserve my Praise,my gratitude and my humility.In you God,I live,move and have my being.

My prayer today and for the rest of my life is to make you Smile and make you proud.You chose to see my needs and not my faults. You chose to give me a second chance!I didn’t and still do not deserve it but you are willing to break and tear down that wall,light up the shadows,for me…for me!…

God be glorified in my life.Get the glory,the praise and take the honour.You deserve all this and more God!

So God,Lead me,Take my hand and Show me the way.


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