While Still Living…

It’s time for a little story…It’s so cold out here how about sitting around the fireplace,or grabbing a cup of hot chocolate or coffee,my latest love has been cappucchino…I just find it so refreshing…Well,whatever you can do to keep the cold at bay,feel free😉

Once upon a time,there lived a pig and a cow…Oh well,there still lives both to date…anyway moving along…The pig was complaining to the cow how unpopular he was…(sounds familiar?)…haha… “People always talk about your gentleness and kindness.You give cream and milk,but I give even more.(I can imagine the pig winking in pride chin high,flaunting before the cow).I give bacon and ham.I give bristles and they even pickle my feet!Still(face down)…no one likes me.Why is this?” And there was silence…The cow took time to think through the pigs’ question and then he answered, “Well,maybe it’s because I give while I am still living.” (Drop mic moment right there!)

“Why don’t people like me?…Why don’t I have many Instagram followers?…How come I have very few friends when you have so many?…I feel invisible yet I add more value to the company than you do…And the questions go on and on and on and on…

Could it be,like the pig,we forget one basic ingredient for a life worth living?Could it be we forget so much about those around us and focus on what we give,what we do,who we interact with,what we are worth…and the list is endless?…I mean think about it for a minute.

Are you waiting for your time on earth to come to a halt so your wealth can be evenly distributed to your heirs through a written will that maybe you wrote more than a decade ago?…

Selfless living is what the cow exemplifies.We have immense opportunities to give each and every single day.Some need a listening ear,be the ear.Others need a smile,be that smile that brightens someone’s day.Others need help,be the help!Do not hoard what you can give today,to give tomorrow…What if that tomorrow really,never comes?You will have no one but your very self to blame!

Now that right there is selfless living!

While we are still living let us spread that kindness,give that love,give of your treasures and wealth to those in need…It is only through this that you leave footprints in the sand and who won’t notice it!Ask the cow…didn’t know how popular or famous he was compared to the pig who gave ham and bacon,which are…I would say quite luxurious!But each passing day we get milk from a cow.It keeps giving and giving…While alive!

There is no opportune time to express selflessness.The time is now friends.You have that next door neighbour,a friend in a bus,your cousin,uncle,auntie…The opportunity is staring at you right there friend!…You see it?

While Jesus was alive He gave.He had no roof over his head,but he gave shelter from a raging storm,provided food to the hungry,shared His wisdom to those who lacked wisdom and on top of it He gave His entire life for you and me.He is the perfect example of selfless living.He would have chosen to tell the people to wait for him to die first so that they receive healing,wisdom and provision,but He didn’t do that because He is a perfect example of overflowing selfless living.While He lived,He did good to all men,Jew or Gentile,slave or free. Before Him,everyone was worth His time.

Are you willing to live selflessly while you live?…Its about time…This is a call to you to reach out while alive…not tomorrow not the day after or next year…This is it!

I end with the wisdom of all ages,quoted by our perfect example Jesus Christ,

“Whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all.For even the Son of Man did not come to be served,but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:43-45.

Featured Songs:

No Charge-Shirley Caesar

None but Jesus-Brooke Ligertwood

Remember He loves you with an everlasting love,a love that has absolutely no charge!

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