Let me be ‘I AM’

“Gods’ main purpose is still God’s main purpose no matter where you find yourself per time.”

Job,Joseph,Moses,Abraham,Sarah,Hannah,Elizabeth,Jesus and the list is far from over…All these people have one thing in common…Road was never a smooth one.They all had to endure humiliation,suffering and pain to get to where they had to get to.They had to endure that so they could encounter God’s plan and purpose for their lives.Regardless of what they went through God’s plan and purpose still stood the test of time.

Moses is my main character today,just to help us see how Gods’ main purpose still stands.

He called Moses while herding and He used a burning bush,How convenient!…Remember this, Moses was a poor communicator,He was a fugitive,his background was a whole mix-up of events!I mean his shortfalls were a mouthful,but God still appeared to him in his least expected state!

“Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”Moses said.

He knew himself,he knew his weakness,he knew beyond shadow of doubt that God could be making a huge mistake by choosing him.But God knew all that…He knew his past and He also knew the future that lay ahead of the Israelites.Moses was the one God went for!

I most often wonder why God wouldn’t just have done the deliverance by the click of His finger or the sound of His voice or the thump of His feet.He had the power to anyway,why take the long route?And why Moses,why not Joshua or Caleb,they were already on ground!

“… But I know that the King of Egypt will not let you go unless a mighty hand compels him.So I will stretch out my hand and strike the Egyptians with all the wonders that I will perform among them. After that,he will let you go.”

Just when you think things are getting manageable,this is God telling a man who feels very inadequate.I mean its already too much for God to send Him to conduct such a task,why add something else on top of it???Couldn’t God just have made things easier for Moses by doing it all at once?!

Anyway,at the end of the day,it is through the hands of Moses and the Superiority of God that the Israelites were delivered from Egypt. (Read the Whole story in Exodus Chapter 3)

Connecting this to Matthew 8:23-26 where Jesus went into the boat with His disciples and he fell asleep.Without warning,a furious storm came on the lake and the boat was dangerously swayed.The disciples ran to Jesus and woke him up saying, “Lord,save us!We are going to drown!” He replied, “You of little faith,why are you so afraid?”… He calmed the storm just like that!The disciples watched Jesus heal,mind you but yet, they had ‘little faith’ Why did Jesus allow the storm to go wild?His presence was more than enough to prevent the whole storm from happening.He didn’t have to utter a word.But,do you think that the disciples perception of Jesus changed after He calmed the storm?…Of course yes!(See verse 27)

I bumped into a quote I find quite relevant from Bible Study Tools.It read, “God is not on trial during our trials,we are.”

Our faith is tested,our trust in God is put on the line too!From all this,two things stand out:

  • God is sovereign-We cannot twist His arm to do things how we would like Him to.We cannot change His main purpose.His main purpose is His main purpose.I like what he tells Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.This is what you are to say to the Israelites:I AM has sent you.” He is the I AM!The Sovereign God King of Glory robed in Splendour and Majesty!Halleluyah!
  • Man has a responsibility-The fact that Moses had God’s backing did not mean he sits back.Moses had a responsibility.He had a part to play to fulfill God’s main purpose. The disciples in the boat too!They needed to have great faith that Jesus noticed they did not have.The beauty is,God always gives provision to accomplish responsibility,He never leaves one in limbo or hanging in the balance.Talk of Mercy!!!

Many a times we question,wonder,complain and try to figure out why what is happening is happening and yet you are a born-again practising Christian.Well,God has not left His throne,He is still on the throne, but we have a part to play.God has our back,we just have to believe and act.I like what the author of the quote below states,still from Bible Study Tools.He/she writes,

“We misbelieve when we forget what it cost God to save us,when we forget the pit from which we were rescued, when we accuse God of mistreating us…As long as we linger at the cross contemplating what Jesus did for us we are not likely to be deceived when hard times come.”

You wanna ask Job what happened when the wife told him to curse God and die?Go right ahead and read the book of Job.God’s sovereign nature and man’s responsibility comes out very clearly.

Jason Nelson sang so beautifully in this amazing song featured below called I Am…Watch and Listen and be encouraged!

I AM got you!

Join David Crowdar band as He declares in this weeks’ featured song,I AM.

Have a blessed week ahead!

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