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The Unstable Rock

“It is what you do in the pain that determines what it becomes.” Steve Furtick

Pain can transform,pain can make one conform and sink into a season of depression,pain can go to the extreme of killing.Pain is an instrument that can be used to better life or crumble one’s life.As quoted by Steven Furtick,it is what you do with the pain that determines the outcome.

We will focus on one interesting character from the Bible called Simon Peter.Think about Peter and all that comes to mind is his very impulsive and loud nature. Peter experienced great pain and frustration that had great potential of grounding him but what he did with it did determine the outcome.

Peter was frustrated.He had a ‘stranger’ get into his boat maybe a few days after being asked to follow Him!…Would you allow a stranger into your home?I mean,for Peter this boat that Jesus got into without His permission was like His second home.All night he spent at sea fishing and nothing not a single fish got trapped onto the net!Then Jesus,who clearly heard Simon tell him that they toiled all night without a catch instructs them to, “Put out into deep water,and let down the nets for a catch.”(See Luke 5:1-11)

He worked hard all night with nothing to show for it and this is what Jesus had to say?…no sympathy,nothing whatsoever?…Peter was justified to walk away or disobey,but see what he says in verse 5b, “… but because you say so,I will let down the nets.”… How he handled His frustration determined the outcome.He exchanged what He felt with faith and see what happens! A net breaking catch!

Peter was impulsive.I mean,if there is one person who had ‘ideas’ that he confidently aired out,this is he.Simon Peter.So one day Jesus decides to go pray in private with His disciples and asks what people say he is,the disciples said,Elijah,John the Baptist and the like…And what really stands out is the fact that he single handedly selects Peter.He asks him, “But what about you?Who do you say I am?” And Peter answers, “The Christ of God.” Peter couldn’t have had all this figured out,Jesus Himself acknowledged this and said it was revealed by His Father in Heaven(See Matt 16:17).Immediately after this happens Jesus explains His death and the same Peter who acknowledges His Lordship pulls him aside and rebukes Him saying, “Never,Lord!This shall never happen to you!” Jesus rebukes him because this is Divine Plan Peter is trying to sabotage by his ‘Never’ statements for lack of a better word!(See Matthew 16:21-27)

On the Mount of transfiguration, Peter became impulsive again.He was absorbed by the moment and suggested he put up three tents,one for Jesus,the other for Elijah and the other for Moses,but was that really why Jesus took Peter,James and John up there?To stay?…Yet he had a whole load of mission work to do ahead of Him???

Simon Peter was ready to die for Jesus.He was so confident he did not think twice upon the statement, “This very night you will all fall away on account of me…”… Peter said he never will!

Jesus again said to Peter, “…before the cock crows,you will disown me three times.” But Peter declared, “Even if I have to die with you,I will never disown you.” (See Matthew 26:31-35).

Did Peter deny Jesus? Oh yes he did!He actually said he doesn’t know the man!Hahaha!Is this the same Peter who would never disown Jesus…never fall away on account of Jesus?…Is he the Simon Peter who was willing to do whatever it takes to stand up for Jesus?…Yet,he denied even associating with him.

Unstable,yet Jesus called him a rock!Jesus knew he would fall away and deny him and yet he still called him that.The heavenly Father could have revealed Jesus Lordship to any other disciple,but He chose Simon Peter!

Peter expressed remorse after denying Jesus. He would have hang himself like Judas did,but as they say,”Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” It is not worth taking ones life away!Peter is one of the greatest Apostles to date!

I see Peter,I see me.I see someone who falters,fails,doubts and is swayed by the Spur of the moment.I see great pain and frustration but on the flip-side I see great faith and confidence that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed…

I am confident enough to know that it is on Jesus blood and righteousness that my confidence is built,not on my personality,achievements,stature and all that,because as Peter has demonstrated,these are not sure foundations,they crumble and fall away,leaving one in a state of great confusion and pain.

Jesus says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you!” He does not mince His words. He has no shadow of turning.He is Lord!

What do you do with your pain?How do you handle a moment of deep deep sadness and failure?

We need Him every step of the way.Allow Him into your ‘boat’ like Simon Peter did.

Watch this beautiful song by Donnie Mclurkin called,I need you.

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s post.I pray that it touched your life.

Have a blessed week ahead!

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