Beyond Faith

My condolences goes out to all the families directly and indirectly affected by Hurricane Dorian. The devastation caused was and still is indeed quite devastating and my heart goes out to you!…For those who risked their lives,saving others…Thank you!


Allow me to use this platform as my journal for this weeks’ write-up.

I have been and I still am in a season where my faith is on the line for many many reasons.I met my husband to be 4 years ago and in the year 2018,he proposed…yeeeey!!!

I remember quite vividly the first time we talked about the issue of marriage,he said,he wanted a better life for us and we couldn’t settle down until we were both comfortable enough,but if we waited to get to that point, how could God have demonstrated His power and providence so vividly?(He still would do so,but the extent we have seen and experienced so far is mind blowing)It is amazing how God has raised men and women to walk and stand with us in prayer and even financially.Every step of the way,His glory has been seen and guess what?We are planning for the wedding slated for December.

How else is my faith being tested?My calling.

I serve and work in a church and my fiancee goes to a totally different church.How will this turn out after the wedding? We cannot go our separate ways every Sunday and I believe that God is not and will never be the author of confusion and so I am at a point in my life where I am asking God,like Gideon did, to give me a sign and show me the way forward.I am asking Him to show me whether I followed my own impulses or His voice calling me out to serve Him.

Could it be that God is calling me out for a meeting with Him at this point of great frustration?…Could it be,He might have another plan for my life where I will apply my calling?…Could it be I am…well…on the right track?…I don’t know…honestly I just don’t.

All I know is this,I am confident in God.I am confident that, He cannot call me out to ‘wet my feet’ and allow me to drown. I am more than confident that He has me at the palm of His hand,He already knows my future…All I have to do is to intentionally get to know Him better.

I believe the mistake we all make as Christians is, we use God whenever we need Him.He is just part of a program,part of a daily plan,part of a devotion every morning or evening…but isn’t there more to just making Him a daily routine?

“Have you considered my servant job?…Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do?…”

This is God talking about Job and Abraham respectively.They had a relationship with God,like you would with your family or friends.Intentional friendship that could not go unnoticed.

I want to grow my faith,but question is,do I know God better?Do I have a relationship with God?I like what someone wrote in an article and I quote,

“Can one have friends without showing himself friendly?”

God only draws near to you and I when we draw near to Him.He makes a home in us when we make our home with Him.(See John 15:4)

We might have questions to ask God.We might desire to have our faith boosted and our trust in God upheld,but it has to start with a relationship.This is a reality that has hit me hard.Everything might look blurred around us but with a solid relationship with God,then everything else just adds up!

We can be guided and led by God when we intentionally grow in relationship with Him.That way,like Abraham,like Job,like David,we will be forewarned,directed,assured,comforted even before we ask because we are His friends.

Thing is,its not really more about growing my faith,its more about having a better relationship with God every single day and in every single step. This is the secret.

This is it!

Have a blessed week ahead!

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