Freedom In Surrender

“As long as you want to fix it yourself, you will need yourself to sustain it.”

There lies a very thin line between confession and unhealthy introspection.Romans 8:1 reminds us that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ.For confession to be deemed unhealthy,there is constant introspection that leads to condemnation.Question is,is confession necessary?Yes it is necessary.

Picture a piece of cloth soaked in water.When it is removed from that water and the water squeezed out of it and the cloth hang out to dry,it dries faster and is lighter than the one which is sogged.In the same way,when we confess one to another and to God,we become lighter and God represented by the sun in that analogy,works in us faster.

My greatest fear has more often than not been ‘lip service.’ When am I really ready to genuinely and sincerely confess from the bottom of my heart? I rarely confess unless prompted to do so or unless I feel a genuine need to confess before God.

I desire to confess but is my heart broken and contrite?I mean,look at David in Psalms 51 telling God how sinful he is.He is asking God to create in him a clean heart and renew a right spirit within him. He goes on to ask God to cast him not from His presence but to restore the joy of salvation in him.In verse 17,we notice that God does not despise a broken and contrite heart.God is not like man who sees our outward show or act,He sees the heart.I can only experience the healing that comes with confession if my heart is sincerely broken and contrite.

Oh what manner of love!We confess because we are drawn by love; we are compelled by love.We confess because we desire to make things right with God because He is love.On that cross lies deep confessions as a result of a God who deeply loved to an extent of giving His only Son.Confession should be as a result of the need to lay bare before God for Him to work in us and eventually with us.This is unconditional love that I would do anything to keep.As much as confession is not easy,I will still do it for love.We only confess to those we genuinely love and wouldn’t want to break the relationship with.

If I want to break the cycle of sin,I need to confess.With confession,one invites accountability with God and men as well.As soon as I let out what I am struggling with then that sin has no hold on me anymore.It cannot thrive if not in secrecy.I believe for one to break that chain of habitual sin,one needs to first confess to God and invite His help and also involve a trusted friend or accountability partners to walk the journey with him/her.

Confession is a discipline that has to be cultivated, but it can only be cultivated by God’s grace which brings out sincerity and honesty.I cannot experience forgiveness if I do not confess.In Psalms 32:5,David experiences forgiveness and healing because he acknowledged his sin and did not cover up his iniquity.I realise in James 5:16 that for my prayer to be powerful and effective,I need to confess.Why?With confession comes healing and that is the result.Effectiveness and power.

I have experienced great liberation from The Discipline of Confession.My main motivator being love and healing.You can experience this healing as well.There is nothing as hard and as pretentious as carrying baggage and raising ‘holy hands’ before God.Who is fooling who?Haha!

Do you find it hard to confess?This is because you have not experienced God’s unconditional and perfect love.1 John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love.Perfect love casts out fear.”

This is a call to confession.No one has found you out yet,but God sees every single thing we do when no one is watching.

It is said that repentance brings forgiveness but with confession comes healing.Confession seals it!

Pray this simple prayer with me,

“Dear God I acknowledge my sin today and I choose to lay it bare before you.I confess I have wronged you,I have wronged those I love,I have wronged myself too and I asked for your forgiveness.Help me walk in confidence.Confidence that you love me unconditionally.Help me experience your love which casts out fear.This I pray in Jesus Name!


I am praying for you.Have a blessed week ahead and thank you for stopping by!

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