Tender Hope

It finally happened!I said ‘I do’ to the love of my life!…Four years of waiting for that very moment…It feels good to be someones’ wife,lover and best friend.Above all,I must confess that I experienced God first hand during this entire process,right from that hot afternoon,curled up in my room,phone at hand and on social media where I met this charming,God-fearing guy,who I now call my husband.

“Call unto me and I do answer thee,yea,I declare to thee great and fenced things-thou hast not known” (Jeremiah 33:3, Youngs’ Literal Translation)…He fulfilled this promise.When we felt like,we had reached the ‘fence’, He did great and mighty things beyond the fence of financial strain.He provided above and beyond,running over,pressed down and shaken together!Halleluyah! He is the breath of life we breathe in and we are alive in Him even in the fire!He said in His word that,even when we go through the fire we will not be burnt,or through the water,we won’t drown.The God we serve is the God of making the impossible possible.

Is anything too hard for the Lord?

Picture this, a fallen world,headed for destruction and right on time,God send His only Son in the form of a human being,born through human parents,through the normal human process.The difference lies in that star that shone so bright and the fact that He was not born in some fancy hospital,but in a manger amidst cows,goats and all manner of ‘manger animals’ you can think about.He went through what we go through in our day to day life, and even worse!

This God thought it wise not to let our lost nature lead us to a place of no return,2000 years ago and in form of a baby born to a virgin,our destiny was completely changed!

This is why we celebrate Christmas.It is a season to stop and reflect,as we celebrate what God did for us on the day He sent an angel to Virgin Mary.This is the season that reminds us that we are loved and when you and I are almost hitting a rock,reaching a dead end,God has His ways of ‘drilling a passage way through the wall’ or ‘making a window a door.’

In the midst of making merry and joining family and friends,let us not lose sight of what Christmas is about.This is my prayer.

Have all the fun in the world and thank you so much for stopping by!…Hey,remember to share!Our perfect example demonstrated giving in the most nerve-wracking,mind-blowing,love-abounding way possible.

I absolutely love what Agnes Pahro states about Christmas,

What is Christmas?It is tenderness for the past,courage for the present,hope for the future.”

That is Christmas and Christ is the reason for the season!

Lots of love!

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