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The Big Chunk Of Life

Before you adjust or correct someone else’s wrongs,have you looked at yourself in the mirror?…Before you point a finger at someone else,did you know more fingers are pointing at you?… Before you open your mouth and accuse…are you perfect?…Hey before you pick that stone to throw at ‘the sinner’ are you living a holy life?…

How can I focus on something that I cannot see when something that I can see is about to take a big bite out of my life?

Well,its better to cover my sin,my flaws,my fears,my pain,my failures by pointing a finger.In any case,I cannot afford to let someone else take a big bite off my life!I have done so much to get here(regardless of how dubious and corrupt)…I cannot lose this moment for that one!

Isn’t that exactly how someone’s relationship breaks apart because of you?Isn’t it how that one lost his/her job because of you?Isn’t it how he/she got murdered?…The list is endless!

It’s quite interesting how we say we care on the outside but in the inside we are as selfish,as tainted,as dull,as brutal as no one can ever imagine.In any case,the Bible records that the heart of man is deceitful…That smile on the outside could be a grin in the inside…Well,who knows,only God searches the heart of man rather than the outside.

I came across a scripture I have always read,but when I read it yesterday,I saw it in a totally different angle.I always read it in light of ‘I know I am perfect,they need this more than I do.’ Then yesterday happened…

I am the true vine and my Father is the vinedresser.Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away,and every branch that bears fruit,He prunes that it may bear more fruit.” John 15:1,2 (ESV)

Jesus here is telling us that as much as He is the True Vine and God is the Vinedresser, He is open to tweaking.He is open to correction and rebuke for anything in him that does not bear fruit.Who am I to look outward and see myself as more of needing a ‘pruning’ rather than a ‘cutting’?…

I am not perfect,you are not perfect and we have many areas in our lives that need that crucial cut to facilitate fruit-bearing.The vinedresser needs to work on my attitude,my insecurities, my misdemeanors, my failures,my pride,my false sense of achievement… I mean,I need God to just cut all this out so that those branches that bear fruit,may grow even further,reaching out to the world!

Before anything else,it is important to first realise Christ’s example of laying himself bare in John 15:2 and then follow His footsteps and avoid pointing fingers for the sake of it!I tell you,this short scriptural verse took me of guard,I pondered on it and here I am writing this.

This is a call to me and you to allow us to have the branches that do not produce fruit, cut off and those that bear fruit, pruned for more fruit-bearing.Always remember,we are not perfect,never will be,but He is working a work in us(cutting and pruning).


It is never about the other person biting a huge chunk off your life,but more about your biting a huge chunk off your own life!”

“Here is my heart Lord,speak what is true.”Casting Crowns

Think this through😉.See u again next week and thanks for stopping by!

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