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First World Problem?

“This is a first world problem…” or so I thought.The first time I heard about Corona Virus (COVID-19), I totally dismissed it. I thought it would confine itself in China and just disappear as soon as it appeared until it began to spread rapidly forcing a lockdown and the building of a number of quarantine hospitals, then reality struck.

I mean, this virus transcended boundaries, class, religion…it did not care whether first or third world, it just kept moving and multiplying until finally it got to Africa, Kenya, my country! I was heartbroken, I knew this is it! I had to erase the ‘backward’ mentality I had of a problem or an issue being confined to a place or a class. There is absolutely nothing like that!

The Lockdown: One Month in Wuhan, is a documentary I watched and tears could not stop running down my face. It was too intense but the good news is, there is hope, Chinas’ rate of infection is flat-lining! Why? Sacrifice, determination and imparting hope, one to another! I was challenged!

“Never waste a good crisis for therein lies the best opportunities.”

Couriers have volunteered to deliver household goods to houses, doctors and nurses rarely sleep as they look after patients critically ill, families miss their loved ones because they just cannot seem to get back home during this time.I mean, the beauty of this crisis is the fact that it has united the entire world and we are fighting a common enemy.We are literally one, a global village.

Anxiety will creep in, fear and tension will find their way through, pain, anguish and loss will be experienced, we will experience economic strain too! But one thing is for sure, the Word of God does not shrink with the economic times, it does not change and is forever sure even in times of uncertainty. I am writing this, first to encourage me, then to encourage you as well…This is not the end. God is still sitted at the right hand side of the Father. He is still on the throne, reminding us to depend on Him. Surely, there will be an end to all this!

Whenever we raise our voices to God and cry out, “God save us from this Pandemic!”…Guess what God says, “Why are you fearful?” (See Matthew 8:25-26). This has not caught God by surprise…What is He saying? What can we learn from this season? What can we do to make a difference during this season?…

How about doing the necessary for a start?

  • Wash your hands with soap and water
  • Sanitize frequently
  • Keep social distance, atleast a meter apart (no handshaking,hugging or kissing)
  • How about taking the initiative to go get checked when you feel feverish, have a cold, a cough and have trouble breathing? That way you protect others from getting infected and that means you are contributing to society.


Reading through Ecclesiastes, I loved a certain part of the introduction to the book that I will end with todays’ write-up:

“The world is filled with both blessings and challenges, neither of which provides ultimate answers or clarity about the meaning of life. If this world is all there is, then all is vanity. But when we trust the Lord in the face of cricumstances that discourage us from doing so, we have a sure hope, that we will one day be restored to him.”



Stay safe.God is still in control in good and bad times.


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