Finally! The President announced a reopening of locked-down areas on the 6th of June 2020!  People have been able to travel back home, reunited with families, gone back to work but what is the implication of this kind of freedom?

Shockingly, we recorded the highest number of infections since Kenya recorded the first case! Again, what is the implication of this kind of freedom? I mean, the restraint in movement has been kind of lessened, well, the curfew is still in place but hey, we can travel! Yay! Freedom, freedom…FREEDOM! Whoohoo!

Two individuals were once placed in a beautiful garden, it was so beautiful one could easily get lost in the beauty! They had all the freedom they wanted and can you imagine, these guys were not ashamed at all, they did not even wear what we call clothes these days, they were naked and unashamed! They didn’t even work a 9-5 job! They could eat whatever they wanted, however, they wanted to eat it. They were literally surrounded by food, pleasure, and beauty unending! They were literally in heaven on earth! Yes! Heaven on earth! But…

You mean there was a but? Oh yes, there was. What a bummer!

They could enjoy everything else in that beautiful garden surrounded by clean water streams, but there was a tree in the middle of the garden which they couldn’t enjoy the fruit thereof because it was an instruction not to eat of the fruit. Just one tree among all the other trees! It is this very tree that cost them their ‘heaven on earth experience.’ They were seduced and enticed and finally, they fell for the enticement. That fruit was appealing to the eye and above it all, they would become just like God if they ate it! Who wouldn’t want such power? They ate that fruit and it cost them their freedom and great pain and frustration resulted. To date, we are still dealing with the consequences of their disobedience.

You can guess who these two people are right? Adam and Eve! God gave a very simple instruction which they failed to follow. Freedom, freedom…FREEDOM. (Read Genesis  Chapter 1 and 2)

Yes, the boundaries have been opened up, it is so appealing, and enticing, yes, one can travel from one city to another, one place to another but does it mean we become careless? Does it mean we let go of the masks and sanitizers and handwashing routines and begin hugging and shaking hands? Does it mean so? Of course not! Come to think of it friends, with freedom comes greater responsibility. There is always a price tag to freedom. Freedom is actually never really free. Sometimes freedom can become extremely expensive.

Abraham had his faith tested for Him to become the Father of many Nations,  Joseph had to be betrayed by His own brother for Him to reach his destiny, what of Jesus? He was betrayed by Peter 3 times and this is exactly how we were liberated, delivered, and bought back. Freedom from apartheid in South Africa cost many years of prison for Nelson Mandela, Independence in Kenya in 1963 cost many many lives for that to actually be achieved and all over the world, people like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and the like can attest to the fact that Freedom is actually never free. There is a price tag to it.

Where am I going with all this? I am urging each one of us including myself to be careful during this season when things seem to appear to be ‘getting back to normal.’ Be extra careful, extra vigilant, keep a distance, wear your masks, and wash your hands, otherwise, you might cost someone his or her life by being careless! It’s your call! We have an even greater responsibility now more than ever.

With freedom comes greater responsibility. There is always a price tag to freedom. Freedom is actually never really free.

What are we called to do during this season? To be responsible. That is our call and this call began right there, in the Garden of Eden.


Have a blessed week ahead and stay safe.

We are in this together!


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