No Hint?

Elizabeth Elliot lost two of her husbands. One was martyred for the sake of the gospel and the other died of cancer. How hard is that! While in Wales, she watched a shepherd and a dog. This dog would lead sheep into an antiseptic tank in which they had to be bathed to protect them from parasites and as soon as they were done, the shepherd would take them back into the same tank and hold them in for a few more seconds. Mrs Elliot asked the shepherds’ wife if the sheep had any clue about what was happening and the answer was no. Mrs Elliot then said the following…

“I have had some experiences that have made me very sympathetic to those poor rams, I couldn’t figure out any reason for the treatment I was getting from the Shepherd I trusted. And He didn’t give a hint of explanation.”

Elizabeth Elliot

Sometimes the Shepherd we trust rarely gives explanations. Like sheep, we are just meant to follow him either way. I still have absolutely no hint as to why dad passed on at a very young age before my very own eyes two days before Christmas and my brother having to sink into depression which he battles with to date!

We bring the sacrifice of praise, into the house of the Lord…and we offer unto Him the sacrifices of thanksgiving and we offer unto Him, the sacrifices of praise.” A familiar song, more like a throwback. Do churches still sing this song? been a while since I sang it in church myself. Do you still sing it in your church or maybe at home with family? Anyway, how are you? It’s interesting how random I get these days but hey, I am excited to share this with you again!

2020…Wow! Since I was born back in the 90s I haven’t experienced such an interesting yet dramatic year and I believe I am not the only one in this space. Sometimes I sit back and wonder how fast the year has flown! Just the other day we were celebrating new years and now August is coming to an end. Many things have happened to many of us, both good and bad. Some have lost their lives, others have lost their jobs, others have gained ground during this tough season and are really thriving, it has gone both ways for sure.

If I choose or you choose to complain about one thing or the other during this season, you definitely will without end, but again there is a choice to rejoice despite and in spite. If I say, I am bringing a sacrifice of praise, it is not something I am willing to do. In the midst of the pain and the frustration, tears, and anguish, then praise becomes a sacrifice. David was so good at this! He was in a cave hiding from Saul, yet anointed as King. He did not resign to fate and sink in pity party but he chose to offer God a sacrifice of praise as seen in verses 6 and 11 of Psalms 57. Yes, he expressed his fear and anguish but he never forgot His glory and lifter of His head when he said, “Be exalted O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth.” In a dark cave holding onto dear life, he did not cave in! In verse 7 he sings, “My heart is steadfast, I will sing and make music.” Does he stop there? Not at all, he goes on to sing, ” I will praise you Lord among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples. For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.” Wow! He has not lost sight in such deep darkness. He can clearly see Gods’ greatness and love and faithfulness! I mean, this is sacrifice at its’ peak! (Read Psalms 57)

It is crazy out here, but I choose to praise you, God. I might not get a hint from you my Shepherd But I know and believe you are not out to just get me! It might look uncertain and without end but you Oh God, know the end from the beginning and so I choose to always offer a sacrifice of praise like David did in that dark cave. Trust me, when you and I purpose to do this, then we will live lives that count blessings each day. Look at it this way, you have life! That is the greatest gift God has given to us. When all else seems outrageous and unfortunate, how about focusing on the life we have. There is hope!

I end today’s’ write-up with an excerpt from a song I have come to love lately. It is a song sung by Kim Walker-Smith, of Jesus Culture back in the day, called Stones. I will hook you up with the video below and a lyric video as well in the musically speaking section waaay below.

Find me in the valley standing with my hands held high, the valley will never take my song. Find me in the desert holding onto you for life, the desert will never take my song. I will praise you, I won’t let the stones cry out. I will praise you, something in me has to. I won’t let the stones cry out. The longer the wait, the longer I’ll praise. The stronger the pain, the stronger my faith grows. The higher the need, the higher I’ll reach. The greater the cost, the more I’ll believe for.

Kim Walker-Smith (Stones)
Luke 19:39-40

Thank you so much for stopping by. Have an amazing and praise-full week ahead! See you soon!

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