“As the flower in the garden stretches toward the light of the sun, so there is in the child a mysterious inclination toward the eternal light. Have you ever noticed this mysterious thing that when you tell the smallest child about God, [he or she] never asks with strangeness and wonder, “What or who is God – I have never seen Him,” but listens with shining face to the words as though they soft loving sounds from the land of home. Or when you teach a child to fold [his or her] little hands in prayer that [he or she] does this as though it were a matter of course, as though [it was] opening for [the child] that world of which [he or she] had been dreaming with longing and anticipation. Or tell them, these little ones, the stories of the Savior, show them the pictures with scenes and personages of the Bible – how their pure eyes shine, how their little hearts beat.”

R.C.H Lenski

It’s been exactly a month since my last post. How have you been? I figured it would be best to break the silence and share what is in my heart this season. God blessed us with a beautiful baby girl and my goodness, I have learned so much from that tiny little munchkin! Whenever she cries and I get to hold her, she calms down, knowing that she is in safe hands and is definitely well protected and secure. She is completely dependent on me and hubby without any form of reservation. Not once does she hesitate and think that she will be dropped or left to cry her energy away! This reminds me of a very familiar passage of scripture…

Matthew 18:2-5, Jesus called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little childrenyou will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Unless we become like little children, then, the kingdom of heaven is at stake for us. The kingdom of heaven actually belongs to little children and those who are child-like. My little one does not have time to ask questions of doubt or hesitation. She does not bother about what is around her, she actually does not care about any of that at all. She just knows she is in safe hands no matter what. Jesus is telling us and reminding us of such innocent, dependent faith on Him despite and in spite. That is why he uses the ”child-like faith analogy”

This is hard I must admit! As an adult, Christ is telling me to be like that little one. That child does not have a care in the world! I mean, I have bills to pay, a future to think about, a career to grow and a people to serve! There is just so much including Covid-19! Still, He calls you and me to be like a little child!

This child has a sure place in the Kingdom of heaven. This child is a perfect example of what faith is all about; It is not yet seen, but greatly hoped for. Chances are high that my baby does not really recognize us, but she just knows we are for her, and that for me is the greatest lesson I have practically learned from the new season I am in.

It is not an easy call to us, but I dare you and me to be like a little child. Like Peter, how about we look fully to the Word(Jesus) and just get walking on water. Hey, do not look away because then, you will start drowning.

I’m walking with blindfolds on
But You’re more
Sure than the ground That I stand on
I know that You won’t cave
You won’t cave in
So I trust You
Even when I can’t see the full plan
Everything seems to make no sense
I know that You’re in control

I love you guys and thank you so much for stopping by!

Have a blessed week ahead!


Photo courtesy: Luma Pimentel



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