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Ready or Not

He contemplated, rehearsed his lines and thought he had it all figured out. It had to be perfect anyway, including how he would approach the whole situation, because what he did was too grave to even warrant a listening ear or so he thought until all he rehearsed became null and void as a result of LOVE.

Born blind, society had a label for him, ‘the blind sinner’. “Who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind?” Imagine such a question! If we were to be punished for being born sinners, of which we inherently are, I do not think any of us would be here, BUT GRACE!!

She was a prostitute, having five husbands and at the verge of a sixth. She was not worthy, that is how she felt…but she was thirsty, desperate and felt alone until she met the LIVING WATER.

For her, love meant dating a couple of men for the sake of affirmation. She was addicted to rebounds and her heart was broken to bits and pieces as a result but she kept doing all the wrong things for affirmation sake until God assured her that HE KNOWS HER BY NAME.

I believe you have a story to tell. I would really love to hear it, but one thing stands out in the above short narrations. Whether these individuals were ready or not, God still found them in their low estate. He did not bother about the rehearsed lines or ‘blind sin’. Whether Jew or greek, prostitute or not,white or black, ready or not, He is coming to get you. Like the prodigal son or the blind man or the woman at the well (samaritan woman) or myself, ready or not…He is running after you!

You may feel inadequate, trying so hard to be who you are not just to feel accepted. Imagine and picture this for a moment, a God who loved us too much to see us go down the drain, sent His one and only son to die in our stead. Were we ready? Of course not! Ready or not, He died for us. He came running after us regardless!

“Leave every inhibition at the door, every insecurity, every pain and secret tear or sin, just let them go because ready or not He is coming for you.

“He’s still faithful to deliver
Mighty as ever to save
He’s still good on His promises
And His love still never fails
He’s not moved by perfection
Or how well we look the part
But He’s wild about the hidden stuff
Like He’s wild about the heart.”

Hillsong United, Ready or Not

Our secret lives interests Him as much as our public lives. Just come as you are, ready or not, will you?

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Remember…Ready or not He got you!

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