Introspection 101

Lately,I have had the chance to just think about life and the meaning of it. Sometimes days can be so tasteless and confusing, yet other times they can be tasty, full of colour and life. So I kept thinking about it and one big question came to mind. Does one ever get to settle? Hmmm…

The book of John reminds me of where I am personally settled. I am the branch hooked on Christ who is the vine!Wow! (John 15:1-2) Okay, so my life is majorly centred around that and my work here on earth is to produce fruit…What about those moments when I feel fruitless for lack of a better word? Well, maybe that calls for me to take a step back, re-examine my life and introspect or maybe I might just be too hard on myself.

I want to produce fruit, maybe I already am. It does not really have to be massive to be called a fruit, hey! Much as a mango is a fruit, strawberries are fruits too right? Yet one is bigger than the other! Come to think of it both of them have very unique benefits to the body. Same case applies to me and you as well. Much as we want to keep producing fruit every single day, beating ourselves down does not add a single day to life.

I look around me for instance and I see the fact that I am a custodian to a beautiful girl growing each and every day. She is directly nurtured by me and sustained by God! That’s fruit friends! Again, I look around me and I see a husband, someone I truly love and every day we learn from each other, this journey we walk together as we strive by God’s grace to bring up a Godly generation! How can I forget this platform which I truly cherish and love, reaching out to many across the globe, not just Kenya! Wow! I sure am producing fruit!

To be honest with you, this write up has encouraged me.My personal thoughts expressed in raw form.I am encouraged and I am glad that I have been pointed upwards and not inwards.

Remember this dear friend, look around you and grow from there.They say, ‘charity begins at home’

Start by producing fruit where you are at and you will be amazed. God is more than ready to prune you and I to produce even more fruit.

He gives perfect peace.He will always be the Prince of peace, the sure answer to every question in life😄

Have a fruitful week ahead!

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