Flooding River

It feels like sinking sand…the world is moving too fast…principles are no longer upheld these days…actually, upholding them is ‘old fashioned’and ‘backward’…The price you pay versus the price you amass, which one is heavier?…How did you get to where you are at?🤔

“A million and one people are following that route, they cannot be wrong?” What if they are all wrong?

A man used to walk by a jewelry store, stop and set his watch by the big clock in the window on a daily basis. One day the jeweler happened to be standing in his doorway. He greeted the man in a friendly way and said; “I see you set your watch by my clock. What kind of work do you do that demands such correct time each day?” “I’m the watchman at the plant down the street,” said the man. “My job is to blow the five o’clock whistle.” The jeweler was startled. “But…you can’t do that,” he blurted out. “I set my clock by your whistle!”

The man thought the clock at the jewelery store was most accurate. Shock on him, the jeweler always set his clock with that mans’ whistle. Stop and think. Sometimes or even most times the majority are not always right and when we follow the majority, chances are very high that we will both get lost!

The king offered a chosen few some food specially made, but this man chose not to defile himself with the kings’ meat. What was at stake? After three cool years, they were guranteed a place to serve the king! I mean who doesn’t want a guaranteed paid promise! It was only food, it was not a big deal you know? But to this man, it was a big deal which could create a rift between him and His maker. At the end of the ten days, they were examined and they looked healthier and well-nourished than those who ate the royal food! Daniel, Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego stood out from the crowd quite literally because of the price they had to pay to remain in right standing with God. (Daniel 1:1-16)

People who have left a lasting mark in society today chose to stand out and do the right thing and not the ‘majority thing’ . Mob psychology/ group mentality reveals how dangerous it is to be in a crowd, one even fails to think straight! Stand out. Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Wangari Maathai, all these people like Daniel and Joseph in the Bible stood for something and they paid a very high price including their lives!

Will we stand our ground and say no to moral compromise like abortion and gay marriages? Will we say no to racial and tribal discrimination? Will we like Joseph flee sexual intimidation in the name of a ‘promotion’ or a ‘good name?’ The world is slowly but surely infiltrating into the church and what the church used to frown over and take a stand against, we are slowly giving compromise a side smile and eventually a grin seems to appear! It is quite sad.

I love what K weikel said, “We cannot always be the bridge sometimes we need to be the flooding river.”

As long as you and I remain silent and look away and assume that ‘everything is all right’, we become the bridge aiding negativity, compromise, racial discrimination, tribal wars and all manner of vices to go through to the other side. How about we disrupt status quo and become that flooding river? Can you imagine what would have happened to us if Christ succumbed to pressure? Can you imagine what kind of society we would have if we chose to become that flooding river?

Remember to stand your ground in His love, then fear won’t stand a chance!

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Stand in your love

Josh Baldwin

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