Impulsive tendencies occur when one does not invoke thought. Anger is controlled when thought is invoked and a few intentional breathes engaged. A sober decision can only be arrived at after great thought and input. Any kind of rush results to a crush.

If we do not pause in this race called life, if we do not learn the art of what I call, ‘pause for cause’ then, we are headed for a crush. In this era we are living in, there is so much pressure left, right and centre. The world has changed and we are not going back to where we were Before Covid. Most people are now working from home and content has blown up online! It becomes even harder and pressure builds up even more when you see people going on vacations, gifting each other expensive cars or should I say machines, opening up new businesses and the like…in this tough season! What happens then? A drive to achieve is built up, not from your desire to pursue your passion and fulfill your purpose, but to prove a point! That means you put in more hours, work more days, and there is an overlap in your life. You do not get to ‘breathe’ or ‘pause for a cause’.

The danger of doing this is, you will burn out and when that time comes, who will you blame? It is fantastic to have all the money in the world, actually the Bible says that money answers all things! (Ecclesiastes 10:19) It is very much acceptable, I actually am for having all the money in the world, but if chasing it will cost my health,my head, my family, my dignity, my peace, then how about I don’t do it and if I do, how about I do it at God’s pace by choosing to commit my ways to the Lord and my plans succeed? (Proverbs 16:3)

Working from home is comfortable and ‘convenient’ but the danger is, it has ‘conveniently’ brought your office, your workplace to your safe space! That’s the overlap I was talking about. Now, it is up to us to set boundaries and know when to work and when to pause and not just pause, but ‘pause for a cause’. Learn to ‘breathe’. Do not be absent from yourself. Learn to intentionally be present and aware of yourself, this is the only way you will be able to own up to an overlapping lifestyle.

The story of overwork is literally a story of diminishing returns; keep overworking and you’ll progressively work more stupidly on increasingly meaningless tasks. Research has suggested that as we burn out, we have a great tendency to get lost in the weeds. Work too hard and you lose the bigger picture.

Harvard Business Review

So, breathe…take a pause and think, take a pause and unwind, take a pause and restrategise…take a pause and you prevent yourself from The Crush. It’s about time my dear reader to invoke thought, breathe and pause. It is quite energizing to start a car that is not overheated right? Same case applies to us. If we keep running without rest, we push ourselves slowly but surely to the edge of a cliff and like a vehicle continuously moving, our fuel indicator will eventually blink and the vehicle, which represents us, will stop in the middle of the road. Is it worth it?

The art of ‘pausing for a cause’ was well orchestrated by our master teacher, Jesus Christ who often withdrew to quiet places (Luke 5:16)

I am calling you out of the fast track into a moment of silences and pauses. What matters really is to get to the finish line strong and aware of yourself. Will you join me as I follow our master teacher, Jesus?

As promised, every Third and or last Thursday of every month, we shall be having candid talks about life as we try to disrupt status quo. By the way did you read ‘Bearing with the anyhows?’ Please do take a minute to read the article.

Below is a conversation I had with Sheila Sutherland, a life coach, speaker and educator from Canada, on self-care. Set aside an hour and listen to it.

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