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In Plain Sight

“A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you agree with Eleanor like I do???!!! I have watched my mom break her back for us after daddy passed on in 2005,on the 23rd of December! I still cannot get over this, worst Christmas season ever! she was the kind who did odd jobs just to feed her kids! That lady, inspires me to the teeth!!! Haha!!! I don’t know what happens to a woman when the rubber meets the road, there is always some kind of evolution in a way! Love you mama!!!

Women are strong I tell you. No wonder the Bible says, “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.” Behind every successful man is a woman, whether it’s your mother or your wife, even your sister! Haha!

Being a woman is intense! It is an event in itself! From growing up; experiencing so many physical changes that can possibly leave one in shock, to carrying a baby or babies for nine months in the womb, to nurturing the baby directly! I mean it’s an event!😂 No wonder we are wired to multi-task not that men cannot, but women do that quite naturally. Being a mom, a career lady, a babysitter, a wife, a friend, a sister and the list goes on and on, that in itself is multi-tasking.

On the other hand women go through so much! I believe we fall prey to predators because we are emotional/ relational beings and as long as we find that ‘safe space’ we end up being too trusting and at the end of the day we get hurt. I am not sidelining men, they go through this too but not as frequent as women do, or maybe it is because most men do not speak up. I do not know what drew me to watching the “Surviving R-Kelly” expose, I have watched 2 episodes so far and it is just too hard to swallow the content in that. I realised I am becoming angry and my anger was directed towards R-Kelly but then I decided to pause for a bit and rewind …

This guy was molested since he was 7-14 years of age! He suppressed his negative experience to a point where when it came to being relational, he only knew ‘unnatural’ ‘monstruous’ ‘ludicrous’ because this happened to him. My point exactly? Are you dealing with your past or sweeping it under the rag? It will come haunting you and everyone around you if you do not deal with it. Women fell prey to his dark past.

I listen to Caroline Mutoko, a media personality, quite a bit and in one of her classes she said,

There is no such thing as free lunch.

Caroline Mutoko

“Free” always comes with a ‘charming’ chain attached to it. It is never really free. You want that promotion, work towards it, run away from any sexual offers or advances that will get you a promotion for free! You will dearly pay for it. Everything that is labelled ‘free’ has something that is ‘hidden in plain sight’. I always say we are too pricey to fall for free, cheap, things that cost our dignity and standards. We were bought at a price and that old rugged cross is evidence enough. I love what Coco Chanel said…

Keep your heels, head and standards high.

Coco Chanel

Don’t trade your values for cheap. Keep your head and standards high, about the heels though😅 For the woman who is not accustomed to heels don’t beat yourself down just make sure your head and shoulders are high enough and base your standards on God’s word. Do not compromise no matter how desperate you think you are. It is not worth it. WORK YOUR WAY UP and God will for sure reward your diligence. You earn respect when you learn to pay the price to get to where you want to be.

I can go on and on and on but allow me to stop here and wish every woman out there a happy International Women’s day(special shout out to mama😍 I love you iron lady). You make the world go round.

Can you imagine you and I wouldn’t be here without a woman in our lives? I have a challenge for you…take time and text or call that woman in your life; mother, sister, auntie, grandma, wife, girlfriend, fiance…whoever she may be and if you are not in talking terms, this is your moment to take the high road and settle your differences. Take time to appreciate them.Ask God to help you do that and he will.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Happy International Women’s Day!

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