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Blinding Grace

“I vividly remember on that very day, I was going to the priest as I usually do. Needless to say, there were letters I used to get from him and through this very letters, I knew who to target and who not to. I was violent and murderous. Bitterness drove my ill intentions, it ran through my veins like the blood within. I cannot forget this very day, I woke up as I usually do and headed out to the high priest to get the letters I told you about. I had one aim, one town, specific people… I used to be on horseback, the comfort and the authority that it gave me was and still is beyond description.

I cannot forget the pain I felt when I fell off, on top of which, I heard this thundering voice breaking through a very bright and blinding light, calling me out for my misdeeds. I was dumb struck and in the midst of awe-inspired fear, I had to ask who this mysterious voice belonged to. Those who accompanied me were in great shock…It’s like time froze. I cannot describe it better; an ‘out of body’ experience so to speak. That experience literally blinded me. I went through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; I could not eat or sleep or even get myself to drink anything.

My world crumbled. I wasn’t looking forward to another day. How could I? I couldn’t see, I was weak and I felt helpless. I was a man who had it all, my presence commanded fear and authority, and I inflicted pain without much effort, I was now a complete ‘nobody.’ My hearing and smell instincts were completely sharpened because I could not see. From a distance, one breezy day, I heard determined footsteps approaching my house. “Could it be the people I mistreated and are now coming for me? Could it be that man who shouted in my ear and blinded me, now coming to break a bone or two? I was so confused and afraid. Suddenly, I heard my door swing open and no sooner did I fumble out of my couch, than I felt a strong hand upon my forehead. I was afraid, but as soon as that happened, I suddenly could see! I could see my hands, my legs and the man before me. I knew, I had a mission and this mission was to spread the gospel, which I immediately began after baptism.”

This is a narration from a man who was a master prosecutor. He was blind and driven by hatred and bitterness, towards those who followed Christ, until one day! He literally saw the light! And just like that His life was turned around, as painful and as hard as the experience was, bottom line is, He saw the light, took that light and placed it on a hill for all to see. (Read Acts 9)

Allow me dear reader to introduce you to The Light! The light had to get this one man, this one man Saul who is now Apostle Paul, making waves across the globe by virtue of His letters in the Bible. The greatest Apostle of all time. I will not lie to you and say that becoming a Christian is easy. It is not and Paul is a testimony to this. He was unable to eat or even sleep…He went through great hardship. He could not even see! Guess what, No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it. (1 Corinthians 10:13)

Did God provide Paul a way of escape in His blind, sad, bitter state? Of course He did and He can do the same for you because He is no respector of persons!

Easter season is a season of celebration; celebrating that we were blind but now we see, we were lost but are now found, we were worthless but God found us worthy… We are celebrating the kind of God who left and is still leaving the ninety nine to come for me, to come for you…

Above all, we celebrate a God who is not barred by death and dead circumstances, because at the end of the day, He has power and demonstrates great victory over death, hell and the grave. Your past is not a barrier to his saving grace. That stone He is able to roll away. Whatever situation you are facing that feels like a barrier, place it at the foot of the cross. His love is too deep, too wide, to high and too low to allow His child to suffer. Will you hold His hand as we reflect on the power of the cross?

Lord, I’ve been broken Although I’m not worthy You fixed me, I’m blinded By your grace You came and saved me Lord, I’ve been broken Although I’m not worthy You fixed me, now I’m blinded By your grace You came and saved meLord, I’ve been broken Although I’m not worthy You fixed me, I’m blinded By your grace You came and saved me Lord, I’ve been broken Although I’m not worthy You fixed me, now I’m blinded By your grace You came and saved me


We would all be lost, but we can sing and shout that He stretched out His loving arms, picked us up from the miry clay, cleaned up our crimson stains and washed us white as snow. Halleluyah! Jesus is Alive in us!!

Happy Easter!

Thank you for passing by.

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Blinded by your grace

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