“In life, have a friend that is like a mirror and shadow; a mirror doesn’t lie and, a shadow never leaves.”

This is very true, but is it ever possible. Please, if you have had a friend who has kept it 100%, raise your hand…(you can do so in the comment section😉). I am yet to find such a person; someone who is a mirror and a shadow, someone who will keep it 💯.

I have been in a season where God is teaching me what to hold tightly and what to hold loosely, not just through my life directly but other people’s. Please do not hold that ‘mirror-shadow’ so tightly, because you never know when the mirror will shatter or the shadow disappears out of sight. Well, can you see your shadow at night? Unless, there is some kind of light. What about see yourself in the mirror at night? Absolutely not, unless there is some kind of light. It goes without say, such friends are limited. Let’s look at real life examples, shall we?…

For 3 years, this guy dedicated his time, leaving his family to go to work, better part of the week; he only spend time with his family for 3 days in a week. With life comes different seasons, and so it was time for him to tender his resignation, which he did. He gave a month’s notice, trained someone else and worked. When it was time for him to get his dues, to date the company is taking him round in circles, looking for very insignificant holes to poke in order to justify their actions. He would have just disappeared, but he chose to do it the right way, and after 3 years of investing his time, his energy and contributing towards the growth of that particular company, the reward? The people in charge, ‘spit’ on his years of hardwork and buried their heads in the sand like nothing happened. This is wicked!

After 18 years of building his brand and bringing up big names in the media industry, just one day, one morning of a discussion he aired on radio, stripped him of Ksh 700,000, roughly $7000 worth of income per month and his reputation was tainted. Did they just take his 18years and trash it in the bin??? Yep! Just like that, the strike of a pen cost this media personality, 18years of blood, sweat and tears!

I promise you when the night falls, you won’t see your image on that mirror or see your shadow. The Bible says, the heart of man is desperately wicked. It is in our nature to forget the promises we make, live up to our words or even be there for anyone through every season in life without any shortfall. We have limits. We have weaknesses. We are not dependable. We are human.

So, where am I going with all this? What you have,who you work for, who you call your bestie, hold these very loosely. Never, at any point in your life think you are too special, you cannot be dispensed. Everything the world has to offer is like the wind, you can hear and feel the effect, my oh my, the friendship is lit and tight, the salary is very competitive, but just like that wind, you cannot hold them in a fist. Let’s take another example, jelly; very wobbly. The things of the world are wobbly. Please remember to always be watchful. The Bible puts it so well, “Be sober, be vigilant…”

Is there hope in such an uncertain world?

Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save. Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord their God.

Psalms 146:3,5

You want to experience hope? The condition is quite simple, the Lord our God is our hope. Men will fail, companies, run by men, won’t care how many years you have invested. When the night falls, those you expected to stand by you, will vanish into thin air. Trust you me, ask Jesus who had Peter deny him before His own eyes, how it feels to think you have a shoulder only to realize you have none.

I have come to learn that things on earth are futile. Hold them loosely, but keep your relationship with God extremely tight because when darkness falls, He will be your mirror and shadow regardless, shining that little light when everyone else takes to their feet. Hey, He keeps it 💯😉. Remember my question at the beginning? I have a friend who keeps it 💯! Can you say the same thing?

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