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What’s Your Story?

“…Yes!He saw me; and then I saw Him!”

These are words of a desperate woman who thought nobody even noticed her presence, let alone being seen.She felt invisible,insignificant…the weight of the world was on her.

She could not take it anymore…She ran as fast as her tiny,legs could carry her heavily burdened body to who knows where.She could not take the bushing,the insults,the demeaning attitude towards her anymore!She had enough and so she ran…she kept running…and kept running…till she got to this place…She was thirsty…she had to take a water break beside the spring…She stopped and stooped down,weak and frail,hands shaking,heart beating fast,sweat dripping down her face,eyes red and drowsy,legs cracked and dry…She used her shaky hands to scoop some water and drink…refreshing…for a moment,she forgot her plight and was drowned in the relief she felt at that moment…

” Hey,where are you from and where are you going?…Wait a minute,aren’t you Sarai’s servant…Last I checked…” Asked the stranger.

Interrupting,she said, “I am running away from my mistress Sarai.” Walking towards her,he took her hand looked her in the eyes and told her assuredly, “Go back to her and submit.You will bear a son who you will name Ishmael.”

With tears in her eyes,hands tightly gripping the stranger and voice shaking,head bowed in shame, she said the words quoted at the beginning of this write-up, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” She pulled herself together and the rest is history…

If anything,Hagar was not worth mentioning!She slept with Sarai’s husband Abram and conceived under her roof!…

I love what Becky Harbough writes in a devotion I am going through called God Sees,

“When God met Her in the desert,He did not treat her like a mistake to be flushed out.Rather,our all-knowing God honoured her by seeking to understand.What’s your Story?”

I have felt like Hagar many many times,but it is during these times that I realise when no one else ‘sees’ me,there is someone who sees me…I mean He Sees me for real!I get excited when I think through this!I believe you have experienced that too!

I am writing to encourage you who feel invisible,unnoticed,unappreciated…He Sees You and knows you by your name.Imagine that!He Sees you Tasha,Kev,Praise(put your name here) and He knows you by your name!Remember this,

You are not a mistake to be flushed out!

Sometimes all we need is that moment of darkness to rediscover the importance of light.This was written by Bodhi Smith who could not even feel himself during that season of his life.Everything around him was pitch darkness until he saw the light!

God sees you,in moments of faithlessness and uncertainty,He sees you.In moments of desperation and helplessness like Hagar,He sees you!In moments when you feel lost and are afraid,He sees you.All you have to do is see Him,like Hagar did!

“It was my darkness that showed me my light.” Bodhi Smith

Pray this simple prayer with me,

“Dear God,grant me strength and eyes to see that you see me for me in whatever season I find myself in.I believe you see me and know me by my name and I love you! Amen.

Imagine God looking you in the eye with so much love and affection and says,

” I see you.I see your strength and courage,your hesitations and fears.I see the way you love others and your struggle to love yourself. I see how hard you work to grow and your dedication to heal.I see your vulnerable humanity and your transcendent divinity.I see you and love what I see!” (Quote by Scott Stabile)

He saw humanity and send His one and only Son to die for us. ‘Tis the season!’

Hey,what is your Story?

Merry Christmas everybody!I see u my faithful readers and followers and thank you so much for stopping by!😉

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