‘Be different’ not a new term,so cliché but extremely loaded.This phrase is what sets a man a part,it differentiates a ‘genuine’ from ‘a fake’.This is it,are you a part?On to this weeks write up……

I did not manage to attend church last Sunday and so I decided to listen in to  a live church service,which inspired what I am about to write.In a world /season where being different is quite foreign,conformity is the order of the day.Well,being different is actually extremely rare and very unique …different in a good way of course.

Microsoft,Facebook,Apple,KFC and the like are big brands that have stood out since time immemorial because they chose to be different.Infact,Apple once ran a campaign tagged ‘Think different’.There is a huge price to pay;Blood,sweat and tears and sometimes loneliness.Criticism result, friends run away from you, investors easily pull out simply because your vision and theirs do not match. I can tell you for a fact,this is the loneliest and the most challenging path to tread.

Christians alone have conformed to worldly patterns.Yes we go to church and of course we read the Bible and pray everyday as instructed by the beautiful childhood song,

Read your Bible pray everyday if you want to grow

But…But,we fornicate.In fact it is a norm because in any case, “We will end up married,what do we have to lose?” we are corrupt;Bribe traffic police,bribe our way up the ladder and so on,we lie so naturally to an extent that standing for the truth looks like ‘the lie’.It is hard to differentiate between a Christian and a heathen in this day and age.Christianity has been compromised; right from within a church set-up to beyond the four corners.SAD.Jesus Christ is being used as a means to an end,so many so-called gospel songs,new-age preachers scream this out loud.Where is Christ placed in your life my friend?Is he an ATM machine to you or the Lord over your life and master over your soul?

Let’s look at a few examples from scripture of people who chose to be different

Daniel... “But Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself with the King’s food or with the wine he drank …Test your servants after ten days;let us be given vegetables to eat and water to drink…It was seen that they were better in appearance and fatter in appearance than all the youths who ate the King’s food.”(Daniel 1:8,12,15)

Practical example:There is an end year office party or a friends bash,wine/beer/drugs is a part of it and you chose to drink because everyone else is,forgetting your Christian principles.Yes, you will be ridiculed/made fun of,but it does not hurt to take water or slowly sip a glass of fresh juice.

Joseph refused to sleep with Potiphars wife.In Genesis 39:9 he said, “How can I do this and sin against my God?”

Practical example:At the work place there are those who compromise for power/promotion.As a christian who upholds his/her principles, please do not stoop so low.Like Joseph,flee!

Jesus,our perfect example chose to be different in the midst of temptation. He was fasting and coincidentally, Satan knew his need…He was very hungry and so in a bid to meet his need,he asked Him to turn stones to bread(See Luke 4:1-16)

Practical example: It is very easy for us to break when the end promised meets a need.For example, bribing ones’way to getting a Billion dollar tender or as earlier mentioned, giving your body in exchange for fame or power.

Daniel,Joseph,Jesus and many others in the Bible chose to be different and at the end of the day,they were all rewarded. There is always a beautiful ending when one chooses to pay the price.

Work your way up the ladder,serve diligently and selflessly, hold on to faith,remain true to God and yourself, not forgetting those you love,because of selfish gain.Will you confidently stand and say,”Even if it gets me convicted,I will stand for truth?I will choose to be different for The sake of The Cause…The Cause of Christ?…

Newsboyz always minister to my heart.This song I pray,ministers to you too😉

Quote me on this one,”You will receive a reward at the end of it all”.

There is nothing as fulfilling as seeing the fruit of your hard-earned labour.LIBERATING.Pay the price to be His Light.

Be different.Make a difference.

Have an amazing week ahead!

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