Dusit Terror Attack Reflections

Tuesday the 15th of January 2019 looked like a normal day until I got home from work.Believe it or not I had no idea that the wicked hands of terror just gripped the Dusit Complex a few minutes to three o’ clock.I received a call… “Are you safe?”… Am like what do you mean…am talking to you right?…Am safe!…” You haven’t heard?…We are under attack…I decide to switch on the TV and my goodness!Every station was airing the Riverside Drive situation at Dusit Complex.

I am that kind of person who gets absorbed into the emotions of the moment and I really get overwhelmed to a point of tears.

Despondency…pain…anguish…confusion…death…smoke…helplessness…adrenaline are words I can use to describe the entire situation…It was dark…the darkness could be touched!

Many lost their lives,some gave their lives for others and some escaped death by a whisker and they will live with the scars for life as a clear reminder of how they were delivered from the valley of the Shadow of Death.Can you imagine seeing death coming towards you?How scary is that? You can even die before it even gets to you.Too much to bear!

I really put myself in the terrorists shoes whenever this happens and try to feel what they feel when they execute their plans.I always feel fear and the same time courage.I feel vengeance,bitterness.My hands become so cold and my heart beats so fast.I feel so much pressure and pain at the same time. As for the suicide bombers I feel anguish,worry and relief at the same time.

The big question remains.Is this “War on Terror” ever going to end?…It remains a mystery.We cannot predict whether or not it will end.At the end of the day,these individuals who are completely lost have done their job and fulfilled their mission.Trained to be hardened, they don’t feel sorry for anyone!We should stop asking how they feel when they kill aimlessly. They feel zero!Otherwise they wouldn’t be killing!

“Terrorism is a mystery,not certain.In this mystery,we find the hope of the world that binds our wounds,evokes our trust,ensures freedom and guides our paths for a journey in a very precious world”

How do we feel after such an incident?

*Fear: I guarantee you that those directly and indirectly involved have been paralysed by fear.There is so much skepticism and people are afraid to go about their business because,What if…? Let us not give these ‘heartless individuals’ too much power because “The Lord is our light and salvation whom shall we fear?The Lord is the stronghold of our life of whom shall we be afraid?” (Psalms 27:1,2) You might have lost loved ones in the process or survived through it.This is a bold confession because we have a God who is our Light,our Salvation and Stronghold…He is light,space and zest why fear?…It could have been worse but we are here today because he is with us through the fire!How about replacing fear with hope?

*Anger:This is an emotion we automatically feel after such an incident. I remember watching a civilian armed volunteer appearing with a distraught lady who was chanting she is dying but the guy kept insisting she is not dying today…Then he kept shouting ‘Ambulance!Ambulance!’ It was nowhere in sight…I was angered at that very moment.Why was the ambulance response so slow and where are they?…These questions kept running through my mind.My prayer is that the lady was not among those who passed on…That armed Civilian made me so proud.Wherever you are.Asante sana!

The armed civilian volunteer who just made me so proud

I know many were and are still angered by the whole experience all we want to do is get back at these ‘crooks’ and just ‘show them what we are truly made of‘😈Paul clearly instructs us in Ephesians 4:26 that we should not sin in our anger or let the sun go down when we are still angry (paraphrased) and in place of feelings of vengeance guess what, “the fruits of righteousness will be peace;the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever.” (Isaiah 32:17)

I like what an article on Terrorism by CS Lewis institute read concerning anger and revenge…

“Our natural unbridled anger needs to be transformed into righteous indignation,holy wrath with strong feelings directed towards the evil,sin or injustice perpetrated...A voice for justice in a world that seeks unrestrained vengeance is a voice for fairness not just emotional outrage.

Let us allow justice and not vengeance and anger be our shield and defender,in the words of the Kenyan national anthem.

I have come to learn that as a nation we are not immortal,we are not immune to attack,we are vulnerable.It’s a step ahead to face reality and these are the realities I have come to terms with in light of the terrorist attacks we have had so far.

Again,quoting from the article mentioned above,

“A sense of mortality in the face of terrorism leads to humility,realism,evokes wisdom and it is in mortality that we seek dependence on God and find salvation in Christ.”

It is in our vulnerable state that we find Salvation.How cool is this?

Let us not forget that God runs the world.In the face of loss,injustice,helplessness,pain and terror,He still runs this!He has not moved an inch.

You know what? “Consequently,he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted and those who do so will bring judgement on themselves” (Romans 13:2)

How about we fall on our knees and just seek God out concerning this issue that keeps recurring?

My condolences to those who were directly and indirectly affected by this unfortunate event.

Take heart,be strong and put your trust in God.

Praying for you!🙏

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Have a reflective week ahead!

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