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Open our eyes to see the things that make our hearts cry,to be the church that you would desire,a light to be seen.Break down our pride and all the walls we have built up inside,our earthly crowns and all our desires we lay at your feet.

This is an excerpt of the lyrics to the song by Hillsong called With Everything.I put it on replay this morning and could not just get over these lines.I got time to introspect and just personalize these lines to myself.Then I noticed four outstanding things that stand in the way of our living wholly for Christ:

  • Pride
  • Walls
  • Earthly Crowns
  • Earthly desires

One by one follow through with me as I expound…

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We  fail to see what God is trying to reveal as a hindrance in our lives through the authorities He has placed before us as well as through the word.We feel entitled and…. ‘too many demands God,loosen up a little,you understand’…so you think.You and I forget that the Lord opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble( James 4:6).We can only be lifted and directed by God through the maze of life when we humble ourselves before Him(James 4:10).

Have you ever tried to correct or even guide a proud individual?Isn’t it an uphill task?…Very frustrating and one can easily give up.It is clear why God does indeed oppose the proud.Proverbs 16:5 clearly states that The Lord detests the proud of heart .Be sure of this:They will not go unpunished.Pride does not add any sugar to tea,or salt to food,infact it devalues the individual completely,repulses the presence of God and exposes one to destruction.Proverbs 26:12 states that there is more hope for a fool than for a person wise in their own eyes.Can you imagine that?A fool has more hope than a proud self-entitled individual.Pray that God helps you remain humble before His eyes and most importantly in your own eyes,because then you will be lifted and you will wholly serve God…no limits!



I cannot do it!”…My past is too dark…haunts me night and day…I have so many responsibilities I do not have time for God and His house…I have cancer,my days are numbered…Why use up the energy I have left to serve?…I am too shy I cannot speak before people,let alone preach…There are a variety of walls we build around ourselves,most times,these walls stem from the root of FEAR and INSECURITIES which are huge limiting factors that hinder us from getting to where God wants us to be.

To be honest I realize I have huge walls built inside me and that is why this morning I was asking God through that song to break them down.I will do anything God,to have these walls destroyed so I can just serve you fully without reservation…anything.In any case the Bible says that,If we abide in Christ and His word abides in us,we can ask whatever we wish and it will be done for us.By this,the father is glorified that we bear much fruit and so prove to be his disciples(John 15:7-8 paraphrased).As long as we allow Gods’ word to abide in us and Himself to dwell in our hearts then we bear much fruit and that is proof of discipleship.When we are in Christ there is no condemnation(Romans 8:1) and above all else God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power,love and a sound mind(2 Timothy 1:7).The moment we get to internalise these scriptures and believe what God says right there…we are well on our way to serving and living for Christ…no restrictions!

Pride does not add any sugar to tea,or salt to food,infact it devalues the individual completely,repulses the presence of God and exposes one to destruction.

As human beings we do face challenges,we war with our flesh daily,we encounter temptation at every corner,we face fears everyday.All this get in the way of a life dedicated fully to Christ…our titles,our careers,our desires get in the way, as much as we really want to fully and wholly present our lives as living sacrifices,pride,the walls we have built inside…stand in the way but as we have seen above,there is hope.Ask the Lord to Kill flesh now,not a minute or second later,next month,next year or tomorrow,but now…Let Him increase as you decrease…Internalise these scriptures and be willing to be led by Christ alone,the Cornerstone.


Pray this simple prayer with me,

Dear Lord,I come to you today willing to be used by you.Purge me and strengthen me to live wholly for you.Break down my pride and all these walls I have built inside,for the glory of your name.I pray this trusting and believing,in Jesus name.




What does scripture say about earthly crowns?How do they get in the way?…What of earthly desires?…How are they a hindrance to our Christ-servitude?…How can these hindrances be dealt with in light of scripture?…and could it be that I serve God wholly but earthly crowns and desires still reside in me?…Join me next week as I explore these two hindrances to giving God your best.



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