“God…It’s me again! It’s my voice you are hearing!…Come close God! Come quickly!…Since I have run for dear life to you God, take good care of me!” (See Psalms 141; read the Message version to help bring the point home.)

How did he gather such courage to pen down such powerful words recorded in Psalms 141? He was a man in distress, a man who had reached the end of the rope, caught between a rock and a hard place and yet, he had the strength to fix his eyes on God. He only had eyes for God as recorded in Psalms 141:8.

The year 2020 looked okay until we were hit by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Can you imagine we are already halfway into the year? Who would have thought?…Racism was also at it’s peak just recently when George Floyd succumbed to ‘unjust justice’. I could not get myself to watch that video to the very end because it was so overwhelming!

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We all Bleed the same.We are beautiful when we come together.

Is God asleep? If he were, when David was at the verge of being captured by Saul, he would not have had the courage to call on his God! God is not asleep and we have the priviledge of crying out to Him in our distress. It is okay to break down before Him when you feel overwhelmed, it is okay to lack words when you go before Him…It is also okay to just lay prostate at His feet without uttering a word. It is fine to shout out loud like David did and say, “God, come close, come quickly! Open your ears, it’s my voice you are hearing!…” He always listens to us when we cry out, but the big question is, “Do you only have eyes for Him?

Does pressure seem to make you wander away? Does distress sink you into a state of self-pity and withdrawal? Does fear seem to make you lose sight of The One? What of achievements and successes, do they make you forget The Source?…

Elijah, the Prophet who did signs and wonders in His time, hid in a cave, desolate and desperate. He actually said that he wanted to die because he felt he was no better than His ancestors. God appeared to Him and said, “Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the Lord, for the Lord is about to pass by.”  Elijah was buried deep in fear and desperation that He lost sight of the God who was with Him through the contest with the Baal prophets! This is how far fear can get one! This is the road called, distress and desperation. Amazingly enough, God was not in the wind, earthquake or fire, but instead he showed up in the form of a gentle whisper. and he asked the same question he asked when he found Elijah buried deep in a state of self-pity and Elijah answered the very same way he did before! I find this very intentional! Elijah was still wallowing in self-pity despite the presence of God right there with Him! He was not the only one left! There were more prophets ready to carry on and that is how Elisha got The call. (Read 1 Kings 19 to get whole story.)

Elijah lost sight and so he lost his crown too!

Like David, I want to get to that point where, no matter what, I have eyes for God alone.

Are you an Elijah in distress or David in distress? Are you the kind who only fixes his/ her eyes on Jesus when things are hunky dory or are you the type who always has his/ her eyes fixed on Jesus? My prayer for you is to be like David, it is only when you fix your eyes on Jesus that you enjoy rest in the midst of unrest, peace in the midst of a storm and joy in the midst of downright sadness!

Be confident and bold enough to say, “…I only have eyes for you!” and allow Him to speak to the sails of your wandering heart for He is faithful to eternity.


Thank you so much for stopping by! Special shout out to my faithful followers and readers from China, US, India, Europe, Africa…All over the world! Guess what! Gods’ got you covered because you are the apple of His eye!

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